Keluar time sejuk-sejuk ni...

December 3, 2009

Winter's here and its sooooooo niiiceeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we went out after maghrib but guess what?? Falisha slept all the way. Kakak had fun, babah pulak taking pictures all the time.

We went to the Global Village, the place everybody talks about every year at this time. We didn't go for anyrides, just window shopping peeking at what's interesting Frankly, me and my hubby agreed that the cost to get on the rides have been ridiculously expensive compare to the last 3 years. Even this year, the entry went up to 10 dirhams compare to year's 5 dirhams. I think it's not worth the money for each rides that lasted less than 5 minutes.

We just need to hang out walk around take the kids and enjoying the winter (eventually only 1 kid go through the evening awake!) *wink.

I think I'll bring Ibu and Bapak for the visit when they're here. I walked around looking for the booth that sells the 'ayat quran' frame. Like the one I had at home, some kind of floating thingy sort of... but still I couldn't find it. I'll look again soon.

But as usual, the place is packed with people. We're lucky as we arrived early and found the good spot for parking. There were so many people went there, by the time we walked out of the place there still people coming in! And it's almost 10 pm! Whoaa..!!

Here are some pics, enjoy!!

tini kira jari nak buat piece!




the kid who didn't got through the evening


  1. amboiii...bjln sakan nmpknya...syoknya kak

  2. da besar da si tinot tu..comell...adik dia tembammm....geramm

  3. puan pie: jalan la dah sejuk.......

    Sugar and Spices: thanks! itupun dah susut sikit sebab dah lasak.

  4. wah, seronok..disember ni kan ibu akak datang


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