Me, Myself and Shoes

October 13, 2011

After 4 years of being a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom), one thing I missed so much is high heels shoes. Don't get me wrong, I had a few high heels, wedges in my keep. Not to forget a some 'flats' for my comfort when shopping. 

I don't know what when wrong now, but I just realized I CANNOT wear a fully covered shoes anymore. Covered shoes or high heels looks good on my feet BUT, it hurts so much! It feels okay at first, but after a few hours of wearing it, it started to hurt on certain specific point. especially at the back of my foot. Then, at the end side of my foot next to my toes. To those who already experienced this, I think you would definitely understands. 

But please help me, I just can't resist all those yummy, sexy looking high heels that I saw at the windows of my favourite shoe stores. When it came to this, I end up wearing wedges, or open toe high heels. Which is not the specific shoes that you should wear in the government offices. 

I walked a lot in the office. I walked with high heels before and it never gives me any problem. I loved looking good in the office wearing a matching shoes to my dress. And the confident they gave me when I am walking. I am not that tall, neither I am short, but with my heights, high heels or wedges gives me the credit to make me look taller and slimmer. So, in this case I really do need a comfortable heels.

Another problem that occurs and worried me is my spending on shoes. I spend my time and money on so many shoes I bought, but it end up in my stores or in the car boot. This is what happened when you wear that shoes for a 2 hours and realized it hurts like hell! I tried putting those see-through gel thingy, in my shoes so that it helps reducing or comforting the hurt points on my feet, and guess what? It doesn't work! False advertisement. Those thing are supposed to stick and the shoes and protect that points, but it sticks on my foot and I still end up with reddish and swollen feet.

For now, I've been wearing my favourite wedges and still looking for the right and comfortable shoes to replace this seasoned and peeled-heel wedges. If anybody have any suggestion to me, please let me know okay? So help me in my mission, and wish me luck!!


  1. lepas delivery, langsung cannot wear high heels..tak tau ape puncenyer tp tapak kaki jd sakit..maybe dah lame tak pakai (sejak preggy tak pakai heels) now, i'm just wearing wedges..comfort & nmpk tinggi..hehehe..

  2. mama dhia : totally agree!! maybe sebb tu kot, lepas delivery tau je le urat dah x macam dulu, kembang sana, sini, tu yg sakit kaki pakai heels dan kasut tutup. :)

  3. glad you are back!!!back to work and in writing the blog too..keep it up dear, take care :D


  5. Nak buku yang mana satu? nanti emelkan saya nombor telefon dan alamat, saya hantar dulu baru bank in.

    emel :

  6. fairus...miss u so much...happy you're back!


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