Oman Trip (day 1)

December 13, 2008

So to tell, on 7th December until 9th December 2008 was announced as a public holiday for private sector. It's a long break if you count it from Friday till Tuesday, but what to do, on Saturday it's a half day working day for everybody in TAK.

But that's it, I'm going on vacation on somewhere other than UAE. I'm having my baby in 3 months definitely I NEED to go elsewhere before I give birth. Once I have my baby, It will be a year until I can go on vacation again.

At the border
By the way, we made a plan, like 2 days before we the holiday started. OMAN is the destination. Eventhough there are some messages left to my hubby telling there will be some briefing or what so ever in the office during the holiday, he doesn't care. He also need some vacation. Another thing, it's a 3 days holidays. PUBLIC HOLIDAYS! On regular weekdays you won't get a chance to take 3 days leave for holiday, because there's a lot of work to be done in the office.

We left Dubai at 11 am on 7th, a day before Eid Al-Haj. Went to picked Saiful at Sheikh Zayed Road and the journey began.

After almost 2 hours drive, we reached the first check point of Hatta Passport Section. It's like the UAE - OMAN border.. sort of I think.

After stamping the passports, not forgetting to enjoy the view and sceneries of the mountains, we start to the Oman Border to get the insurance and visas. As soon as we arrived, the lines was like Whoooaaaahhh!!!!! OMG, many lines and verrryyyy... looongggg....! How many hours we gonna stuck here? I wonder.

During the long queue we met some of our friends from Dubai, heading to Oman too. Well.. everybody need a break once in a while.
After 2 hours and a half of waiting and lining-up and waiting again.. we drove straight to Muscat, and to Nuzha Hotel Apartment. A budget hotel, but not bad as it is clean and comfortable.

We settle down, and had our dinner. It still early so we went to Sultan Qaboos Palace. Well Fatini had a good time there running around and the guys are busy taking photos.

At the Sultan Qaboos Palace



We stopped at the Mutrah Corniche for tea and walked for a while enjoying the cold sea breeze at night. Everybody were tired, after 8 hours journey (plus the 2 and half hours stucked at the border). But still we managed to snapped more photos. After that we went back to our room and rest for the next day's journey.

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