Oman Trip (day 2)

December 16, 2008

Day 2 in Oman. We got plan ahead. As we spoke, it's Eid in Dubai. So we thought that it's the same thing here in Oman. So let's pray there's a place for us to go and get a breakfast. Luckily the coffee shop next to the hotel are opened.

We went there and met this Malaysian guy. Introducing himself to us as Abang Harun. He's from Saudi Arabia, along with his wife and 4 daugters, but the family still upstairs changing and everything. Had a little chat and straight we went to Muscat Old Town. And we found out that Eid in Oman won't be until the next day. So lucky us, there's plenty of restaurant for us to have lunch and dinner for the whole day.
There, we stop at the Museum, Bait Al Zubair.

More pose from me!

Abang Harun, Kak Su and their dauhters

Guess what, on our way out from the museum we met Abang Harun and his family. Well the 4 daughters sure reminds me of my sisters, the 5 of us.

Will somebody please stop?? I need a ride..

Next, we drove up to Qantab. A place up on the mountain. Not a really high mountain, but seriously you can get a really good view from all over Oman from up here. Plus a very beautiful view to the sea and other places.
On our way down, we stop at Qantab Beach, where a lot of people taking a boat ride and kids playing under the sun. It's really breezy down here. So the boat ride looks fun, well we decide to try it. It was about 10 riyal per boat, which was equal to 100 dirham.

Are you sure you wanna do this?

There you go!

After a really fun ride, we headed back for lunch and rest for a while at the hotel. After maghrib, we headed to Mutrah, where the corniche and souk are located. We had our dinner and accidently met Zabidi. He was all alone. All his friends cancelled the plan at the last moment, but still it's a chance to travel so he came to Oman all by himself by taxi after he missed the last Oman bus.

Finally after we finished at the souq, we went to Sultan Qaboos Palace again for photo shoot session again. And this time we have the tripod. Good pictures eh?
So lastly bedtime again, to prepare ourself for the journey home the next day.

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  1. wahh akak ade blog da yer.da besa tini macam anak dare patutla nak ade adik satu lagi.hehehe.cantik sangat tempat tu.i like it!


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