Oman Trip (3rd day) Balik Dubai

December 22, 2008

Day 3, we left early in the morning. Went to Mutrah again to picked up Zabidi, as he joined our trip home to Dubai. It's a pleasant place, Oman. We went around the corniche again while waiitng for Zabidi. More photos!

On our way home, we stopped at the Oman National Mosque. It's a beautiful mosque. We stopped there for more than 2 hours, visiting around, more photoshoots, and of course prayers.

I spend almost an hour waiting for the guys to come out of the mosque. I thought they prayed as soon as the Zohor came. But they didn't. They took photos again in the prayer hall while waiting for the Imam to start the prayer. Argghhhh...! I almost fell asleep. Then, they came out.

We reached the UAE-Oman border, when it almost Maghrib. It was a very long queue of cars. This will take a while. Saiful and Zabidi took their time leisuring around the place, enjoying the freezing winter breeze in the middle of the desert.

Finally, after 1 hour we got our turn, stamp the passports and here we go Dubai and bye, bye Oman.

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