TAK Annual Dinner 2008

December 22, 2008

Finally on 12th of December, TAK Annual Dinner. The yearly event that was anticipated by everyone in the company. Including the spouses (that's including me, hehehe). It was held in Jumeirah Beach Hotel. You know the one near the Burj Al Arab? (for Malaysian family...). Anyway, it is a nice and bigger place compared to Shang-Ri la.

Saiful, our dear closest friend with Adzurif

At the lobby, lining up for registration and goody bags

Mr.Teo (TAK) admiring the pictures from the gallery

We arrived at the hotel around 7, and there were so many people! 500 plus of TAK staff plus the latest addition. And everyone is lining up for the goody bags. You what's the best part? The spouses and children got it too! There chocolates from Patchi with the labels of all TAK's Dubai's projects, T-shirts, and crystal.

Another thing about annual dinner was, dresses and costumes. Well, I am 6 months pregnant, what can I wear. I definitely not wearing a maxi or something (you know the usual maternity clothes?). I made a Baju Kurung Riau, black and gold colour. That's our family theme. And I put some stones at the front as a detail to enhanced the dress. Plus beadings and sequins around the neck (which of course only I can see it.), and some lacey roses around the sleeves hem. Fadzil wore a black suit with a golden vest too. Tini, don't forget her. I asked the tailor to made a black and gold cheong-sam with bare back and shoulder design. Well luckily, she has a nice figure and tummy, it looks good on her! It looks a bit fitting, but many of our friends admired her dress. Other people looks really nice too, and as usual almost everyone wore black.

The dinner begin with the video show of all TAK's achievement in 15 years. Yeah, I do forgot to mention that it's a 15th annivesary of TAK. Wow what an achievement. Everybody was impressed by that. It was followed by TAK Idol performance, from various teams. And I get to see Jaclyn Victor performing live! Oh my goshh..! How I admire her. I was pregnant with Tini when she was crowned as the 1st Malaysian Idol. She had a great voice. Didin't get the chance to take photo with her though. but it's ok, I really had a great time.

Madam Ivy, in the red dress.

That Very same night, I met Nany. My old neighbour and friend of 2 years in Dubai. She already went back to Malaysia a few months before as her husband was transfered back to Malaysia. But they came that night just for the annual dinner. I missed 'Aisyah, their daughter. She was the same age as Tini but were born in October.

The winner of the TAK Idol was announced at the end of the show. Plus lucky draws. The prizes are superb. I really do like the Tiffany and Co. diamond bracelet and Louis Vuitton bag. But it's not our luck that night. But still I enjoyed myself that night.
From left : Ahmad's Wife (TAK KL), Zai, Nany and me
Well, after the dinner it's photoshoots and hugs and kisses. Well this was among the time where we, ladies get to see other ladies, besides other regular days. It was a good time really. Anyway, until the next post. Chow!

Me and Farhana (both of us are pregnant) 6 and 4 months pregnant

From left : Nasrol, Ahmad, Fadzil

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