Events at Tini's School (2008)

January 5, 2009

Yeah, finally we get to attend Tini's events in school. The first one was Annual Fancy Dress Competition. I planned to dresses her up as Marie Antoinette (the Kirsten Dunts' Movie). Well, she got her dress from last year TAK's masquerade dinner, a black dress exactly like the one in the movie. I came up with an old organza ribbon, to tied up around her eyes. Yup, definitely look like it!

Here are some photos of her. To tell you guys, we didn't expect her to win actually. But she did! First place in the class. Awesome!
Ummi and Tini

Tini and Babah

The next event was a pre Christmas party at the school lawn. All the kids have to wear red dress for the party as they are putting up a show. The first one was a carol by all kids from all classes. They look so adorable.
And then there's Tini and her classmates. I forgot to mentioned. Tini in the Senior class now. So we're looking forward for her graduation in March 2009
So for her class performance we get to see her singing and dancing. She really likes dancing. Even the teacher told us that she's the best dancer in the class.
Well, more picture of her... enjoy!

With Anna, and Christina's daughter (not sure what's her name)

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  1. tini memang cute..
    akak memang kreatif...


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