New Year Dinner

January 6, 2009

Ola guys! Seems kind of way off to write this. Bur who cares anyway. We were invited by Mr.Teo and Madam Ivy on 31st Dec 2008. It's kind of selected individuals only.

Anyway, we went and I met some of my friends, Suzana, Denise, Cheryl and Stella. It was in Metropolitan Hotel in Sheikh Zayed Road, in Summer Place Restaurant. it's a Chinese Cuisine's. Well the food was great! Of course, me being pregnant, I just can't help it. My appetite has been like this ever since I passed the morning sickness a few months ago.

It all started with course by course meal for everybody. Some dance performance performed by 2 russian girls, a can-can theme dance and a belly dance. Goshhh..! The guys defiinitely can't close their mouth and eyes until the end of the show.

from the left : Me, Tini, Denise' son and Denise

me and Suzana

the kids are definitely having fun. from left : Ayman and Amir (Suzana's kids)

from left : Bakhtiar, Ummi (with the white scarf) and Nizam (next to Ummi)

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  1. Fairus...u looks so so different lah..nice blog anyway..


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