My Preparation (part 1)

January 22, 2009

It was a very cold day. I got a message from my husband saying that my parcel from Malaysia are here! I remember I'v been waiting since last week for my order from Kak Syikin. She's the lady that had an online shop, and a place where I shop for a few things.

This time I ordered some beauty products, confinement needs for the after birth.

The thing is, my skin had gone to the worst level (in my rate). Since I got pregnant, besides the weight I gain, my skin turned to be really dry, with some spots came out, and not to forget, PIMPLES! Arghh, must I go through this problem again??!!

I am totally out of idea on how to solve this problem. I surf and found out about some products, that has amazed many women with the same problem as me. Including the web owner. And I was very lucky as they had a new year promotion. Things that I needed are GLYCO LAVISH sets (cleanser, day & night mosturiser and spirulina cream)

Besides that, I also ordered the moor soap (MIOR). Which also surprises me. Anyway, they had a promotion and the price are way low than the usual price. Let's hope it works once I start using it.

My MIOR soap and GLYCO LAVISH sets

For My confinement, I ordered the Leesa's Formula set. Not all of it, only a few. The Bengkung Correctuer, and Pek Tung Herba. Bengkung or binder is used to bind your body from hips to under your breast. It's a modern Bengkung, which easier to put on compare to the most traditional. But it still works the same way, except much easier. The Bengkung need to be wrap around the body and tied up as tight as possible so that the confined mother will be less aggresive, walk more slowly and gently. Besides that it also will flatten the belly, promote womb health, and beautify your whole body so that it will grow back to it's original shape.

But the weird things are, now a days, many people are avoiding to use this Bengkung. I'm not sure why, but to me skipping all this traditional method will cost you in the future.

The Tungku Herba is a pack of herbs gathered in a cloth. It has to be steamed in a steamer, to use it. After steaming process, and it's warm enough, the tungku will be used for massage. All over the body especially around the belly. Besides the traditional massage for the whole body, tungku also will help you rejuvinate and heal. It will improve the blood circulation and help the new mother to produce more milk for the new born baby.

This is why I loved traditional way.

Bidadari is another homoepathy preparation that helps to heal the womb, body inside and outside after the birth. The womb healing by taking this preparation will promote to a flatter belly, tightens up the vaginal muscle, and will help the healing process of the whole body.

Here come the best part. The baby. As I am about to give birth to my baby, here in Dubai. I have to prepare everything and not to missed anything. From my Jamu to the baby's needs. I did a little shopping. So I got the baby a few nice things. Which are the things I could find here.

I got a Winnie the Pooh Moonlight Dreamshow. A nice light that projects pleasant images and sweet lullaby.

I got AVENT breastpump as they are selling it at a very low price! Can't believe it! It already includes all the sets of bottle and pump.

As I don't have anyone to take care of me during confinement and after birth except my dear husband, I bought a folding Bath Cradle. Which will really be a big help when I am about to bath my baby. I know my husband can't do it. And I really understand. As long as he's helping me with other things, that's ok with me. I can just put my newborn baby on the cradle, and bath it gently.

Here come the best part of all. I got this thing from Mothercare. A Smart Nappy. It's a reusable diapers, that can be washed. It's quite expensive to start with, but worth every fils. Because you don't need to by diapers for the baby every month. Wash, hang and it will dry.

It consist of a nappy outer, made of soft fabric, with a layer of plastic inside to avoid leaking, or wet.

A reusable pad, that can be washed over and over again like the usual traditional diapers. but this one is more conveniant and cute! Besides the reusable, it also come in disposable, which comes in handy when you're travelling.

This is how it looks like after you put the pad inside the nappy. Taadaa...! Ready to be use.

Finally, some of the baby clothes. When the time I bought all the clothes, I still didn't know whether it's a boy or a girl. So, I bought everything in white. And the designs also are universal. So whether it's aboy of a girl, they can wear it. But now I knew it's a girl. Maybe I'll start buying pink cute dress.

One more package to come from my mom, contains all my Jamu from Nona Roguy, the baby binders, and dry anchovies. Till the next post.


  1. wupps!besnye kak.teringin la..hihi

  2. wow kak. u really prepare in everything for the 2nd baby.Ien pun mmg suka brand mothercare n avent ni.evnthough its expensive the quality is good n really worth it.oo ye mcm mn rupenye bathing cradle mak akak tk dtg ke sana ke time pantang nnti?

  3. OOh intan, akak mmg la Mothercare punyer regular customer. Pantang ade sale, serbu. Ni g kebetulan Dubai Shopping Festval, akak pun dh nk due, ape lg, borong la, discount giler2. Xde sape2 dtg, nnti abg akak yang jaga. Nak buat camne. anyway, bath cradle tu yang gamba alas yg tulis SAfety 1st tu.


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