Sport's Day!!

February 2, 2009

It was a nice weather, on Saturday 24th January. It's a Sport's Day in Bright Morning Nursery and as usual we have to walk a few meters as there were no parking spot for us at the front porch of the nursery.
Tini was so excited, so are we. Well I wonder will we see out of her. As usual almost all the parents are there, and we did tried our best to be there on time for her prep session with the teachers.

The kids are supposed to be arrived at 3.30 sharp so that the event can start at 4 pm sharp. But after all the crying and screaming, It finally started at 4.30pm.

It started with all the kids from Junior 1 to Champion 2 gathering and lining up for the marching. You should see how cute those kids are. But not to mentioned, some of the cute toddlers are screaming and crying for their mommies and daddies.

After that, they had a Monkeynastix. An activity especially for the kids that trained their motor-skills, creativity ect. Its really good as most of this kids are staying in the apartment (that's includes Tini), as it gives them the opportunity to do a lot more running, jumping, climbing, etc during the session. As on this day, they had little demonstration to show all the parents what is Monkeynastix really about, what they had been doing in school for the past several months.

And then they performed an aerobics, which all kids involved in performing it. Well Tini sure loved it! All the movements and dancings, she definitely into it.
Next the sports began. They had all the toddlers with all this fun kind mini games for them. Finally it's Tini's Class turn. The event was, bringing the ball with the spoon in your mouth. The best part was, she lose. And do you know what she said, "I have to be careful and slowly, so that the ball won't fall of." We couldn't help it but laugh. Of course, but it's a race and you have to win it. She doesn't care, but to do everything carefully.




Ball and spoon in the mouth

Finished 2nd last

Tini and Vania

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  1. great!kiutnye tini.dah pandai buat macam2.sedar tak sedar, anak dara akan da besar ek.hee


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