Kenduri Doa Selamat, Baca Yaasin and Birthday Tini

February 9, 2009

The food we prepared

It was a day before Tini's birthday. We decided to make a small 'kenduri' and Yaasin recitings. So we invited all of our close friends to come for the 'kenduri'. Almost all of them came and some didn't. Anyway, the kenduri goes on smoothly, accept that it started a bit later than scheduled. As our place is quite far from the others. Our new place is in Discovery Garden just behind Ibn Batutta Mall. We had like, 40 plus people came. And thanks to Allah, our place can occupied all of them.

Some of early guests

I prepared rice and dishes menus as I thought that as this people came, it won't be nice to just make a simple finger food isn't it? Well we prepared white rice, ayam masak lemak cili api, ulam-ulaman, sambal belacan, sambal goreng and I also baked some kuih bakar for the dessert. As Kamil and Zamzuri decided to join the 'baca yaasin' on behalf for their deceased family member, they arrived early in the morning to help with the preparation. Luckily, there was not much left to do accept to cooked the rice and cooked the sambal goreng.

Tini's Birthday Cake

After the Yaasin recitings, and everybody started eating, we took out Tini's birthday cake. I ordered a Chocolate Mousse as most people would prefer that rather than a marzipan icings and sponge. Well my guess was right, most people loved chocolate.

Tini's 4th Birthday

Tini's new friends

Ladies in the kitchen, from left : Zai, Lily

Well, the best part most of all are, people are enjoying the food. It was a relieved! The masak lemak cili api and sambal goreng was a blast. Plus I put some tempe in the sambal goreng. So any Javanese (Jawa) definitely enjoying it. Seriously, how can you get tempe around here in Dubai? It's not that easy! Even some of our chinese friends that came also enjoying it. It was really spicy, but they loved it! Well until today, some of them did ask when are we going to have more 'makan-makan' like that. As the cook and the host, I am honored.

Ladies at one section

New friends I made, Zakiah and Intan

They left about 5 to 6 pm, as most of them planned to go to the mall, but I thank you all of them for coming to our place. And I am happy that they are also happy as they left with full stomach. Plus they liked the food!

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