Chinese New Year Celebration

February 10, 2009

Zai and Tini

Last week we had a Chinese New Year Celebration in Metropolitan Hotel, in Sheikh Zayed Road. It was fun, as this was the only chance I had to meet friends, and other people from the company. And of course Tini and other kids also had so much fun. But the best part was, all of us got angpow. Even the spouses and kids. Good for us don't you think? Anyway. I didn't really enjoy the food, because to me it doesn't taste as good as it looks.

Muaz and Tini

From left : Fairuz, Bakhtiar, Razali, Jimi, Fadzil and Ummi
doing their best decorating their Ox.

Same as previous years, there will always be a game for everyone attending for everyone. Each table were given a beg full of many items. This year they want us to make a replica of an Ox using the items given. As this year they are celebrating the Ox, so that's what they want us to make. Anyway, we didn't win as we expect we will. But it was fun. The way the ox looks, like a girlish Ox.

The Ox and the makers

Fadzil, Fairus and Fatini

from left: Fairus, Zai, Eryanti, Muaz and Tini

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  1. mama buyung bulat ada baby.wadah bulat penuh lemak.hihi merah mak ngah ye kak. :D


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