Royal Arabian Dinner

February 15, 2009

It was last weekend and we didn't have any idea what to do. This is the 2nd week, after a memo of one day weekend and 6 days of working day being distributed to all staff in the company. That's sucks! Except for those who likes to spend time in the office.
After a while, I got an idea. My husband just got a new car a month ago. And as Hyundai made a promotion during DSF, we got a lucky draw. And guess what, a dream days package that includes some fun filling package to enjoy.
After sorting things out, we chose the Arabian Dhow Dinner. A dinner for two on the biggest wooden handmade dhow in the world. So my husband made a call, and confirmed the reservation. The best things are, it's free. If we have to spend like 300 - 400 per person to simply just go there to have a dinner on the boat, definitely not gonna happen.

We arrived earlier than scheduled so we still have time to walk around the Night Souq at Dubai Creek, that's where we will ride the dhow. Nothing much that interest me as mostly are shops that sells things. Means shopping, more money to spend and shoppings. The other part that I don't really like there was, so many 'Leking' with their awful smells, and it's not just that, you should see how they look at other people especially ladies. That really creeps me out.

We start entering the boat at 8.20, but it starts sailing at 9 until 11 pm. So meanwhile, we enjoyed some juices and tea, while enjoying the view from the top deck. It's spring now, but it still quite chilly. But not as cold as the winter. To me, it's nice.

As soon as it starts sailing, the dinner also began. While having dinner, we were entertained by 2 dancers of Traditional Egyptian Tanura Dance. Where you can see guys, wearing a big skirt just like a circus tent, and they start spinning around with the arabic music, with many style while spinning. It was awesome. I wonder how they didn't get dizzy while doing it.
Anyway, we landed back at 11 pm, after a heavenly meal and plus free henna painting on my hand and Tini's too. We went home, rest, and that's where my husband sigh at the thoughts of going to work next early morning.

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