Nursing Cover

June 11, 2009

Convenient sangat kan? I found this on peekeboo web. I've been looking for this since Tini lagi. tapi tak tau la, tak jumpa plak in Malaysia. Maybe I didn't look hard enough. Well, my luck.. my 2nd born was in here.. Dubai. And I found out we can find anything in here. Besides the baby's clothes that makes you go crazy. Anyway, back to the topic. The nursing cover.. it's like a mana from heaven to all nursing mommies. It's like a life-saver anything you want to call it. Well, simply by putting the covers on you can nurse your baby anywhere, anytime. Without leaving the place for privacy. So all mommies out there no more trouble breastfeeding when you have this. It'll cost you DHS 170 (new price, before is DHS 150) it's equal to RM 136 (lebih kurang la..). Expensive..? I know, but it's worth it.

The best part besides covering your baby while feeding, it's adjustable, comfortable, the rigid neckline let you see your baby while feeding. And it allows you to breastfeed with style too.

Peekeboo Nursing Cover
About this Product:
Fabric & Care
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Wash
  • Imported
  • 35" x 25"
  • All Peekeboo Nursing Covers are machine washable. Wash on a delicate cycle with like colours and clothing, with a gentle detergent, and hang dry or dry on a cool heat setting to avoid shrinking. You may also choose to iron your nursing cover.To see a visual illustration on how to wear the nursing covers please click here.


  1. fida pon ada satu..tapi made in msia punye...murah sket kain tak tebal sgt nipislah tapi boleh nak guna bila bf

  2. fida: masa 4 thn dulu, susah tul nak carik. ni hah kebetulan jumpa, kain die tebal sikit la.. design pun cantik. org ni ade web sendiri, bisnes dari umah.

  3. aku pun baru order benda ni pai...aku beli harge RM44 jer...

  4. mama dhia: aku nampak benda ni online, yang aku check kat kat store ade yg murah, tp kain die panas pastu pendek, tak cover penuh, bile test nampak falisha sikit. ini pun jenuh, kumpul2 nak beli benda2 yang aku ade. malas nak mintak duit ngan laki aku. apa yang die bg aku la aku simpan sikit2.


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