Baby Carrier

June 11, 2009

Looking for baby carrier? Hmm.. this is what's happening to me. Mr.hubby nak beli baby carrier kat Mother Care. He said it can carry the baby in 3 position and cost like 200 plus (in DHS). The thing is, it lasted maybe until Falisha 1 year maximum. And I said I got something else. Cost a bit more, but more practical. I was surfing the net looking for baby's stuff just a few days before I gave birth to Falisha. I saw this DubaiBabies website, with all cute, and quite expensive thing. And I saw the ZOLO Wear. It's a baby carrier with 6 carrying position that is safe for the baby. It can be adjusted, carries 5 to 40lbs, from birth to preschooler. With the built in nursing covers, it is easy for mum on the run. Behind the extra clothes, there's a pocket where you can put small things for the baby needs or mum's. You can order it online or visit the kiosk near Patchi shop in Mercato Mall. It'll cost you DHS 350.. ouuch.. expensive.. I know.. I know..! But it's worth it and good quality. I am wiling to spend on it.. but what the heck I already bought one.


  1. aku pun ingat nak beli benda ni tp mahal ler pai kat sini...tapi aku rase kat dubai lagi mahal...kat sini harge dalam RM200++... dah pakai leh lipat2...senang ek..aku ni dukung dhia wat naik umah pun cam nak cicir dah la, dengan bawah beg baju n beg susu...takkan nak pakai stroller plak kan...

  2. mamadhia : aku pun jenuh mengumpul duit. sebb x keje kan.. susah la sikit. klu keje ok lagi. dari sebelum aku bersalin dh aku aim benda ni.


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