How it started?

December 30, 2009

I don't know if there's anyone ever care about how it started. But I got a request from one friend who would love to hear how it started.

We met when I was doing my 5 months practical in his office. I HATED him so much since the day 1! He was bossy and annoying and he would by chance find ANYTHING just to annoyed me. It goes on until the 4th month. He kind of, slow down. Smiled every time he saw me. Frankly, that creeps me out. I prefer his annoying looks rather than lazy smiles.

Everybody in the office LOVES to try and match us together which rather annoying than funny (like they thought). I didn't like it. I would go home everyday, and talk to my mom about it. She said, "Jangan benci sangat nanti suke." Well I should have listen to her.

One night, I got a text message from unknown number. It sounds like this, "Cik Siti, sudi ke Cik Siti jadi teman hidup saya?" Ya, Allah! I don't know what to say. The only man in the office that call me like that would be him! I think he got my number from my planner that I left in my drawer in the office. I didn't reply his message. I don't know how am I supposed to go to the office the next morning and look at him. In this case I can only ask from Allah. I did the Solat Istikharah.

The next day, he's not in the office. I was informed he left some works to do for me. For a month, he was away for some jobs for the office. For a month, I perform the solat just for me to make the right decision.

Something I noticed, we never go out on any date. Never! I thought he hated me too. And finally, on the 23rd night, I got the sign. And said to myself, if that is meant for me so, I except it.

The next day, I went to see him and gave him the paper that wrote, "YES".
He smiled and said thank you. We got engaged later that year in August, and got married the next year December.

You know, what I loved so much is, it's like a dream come true. He proposed me! I got an official proposal! Not like the typical couple back home, when you are his girlfriend, they each other assumed that they'll get married. Make plans and that's it! I got a proposal in a "Will you marry me" kind of way. It was so romantic and very gentleman of him.

He admit it that he likes me from the 1st day he saw me. And the proposal, well he's taking chances. He likes me and wants to marry me. He never thought about the risk of me rejecting him. If I rejected him, he just did't think about it.

So that's how it began.


  1. sooo..romantic...samela kita...aku sungguh menyampah ng laki aku dulu..then we married x sampai setahun kenal...tula namanyer jodoh...

  2. one day, wdh pun nak buat entri macam ni.kerana ada persamaan dengan cerita akak.bermula dengan BENCINYE.TAK SUKE.haha


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