His and her Story

December 31, 2009

Credit to Puan Syigim, because I got tagged by her. To fulfill the requirement, here is the picture.

1. First time you met him?
4th January 2002, at the Bumi Landscape Office in Ampangan Seremban (dekat pasar area Pasar Ampangan ), I was doing my practical there. He was working there. 

2. Love at first sight?
Hmmm... for him yes, but not for me. It took me quite a while after he proposed to actually believes i loved him too.

3. Who is he when the first time you met him?
He was one of the Landscape Architect in the office, and happened to be one of the people that grades me in my report.

4. How long does it take for him to ask you out for a date?
Well, 4 months. Actually after the proposal, then he asked me out. No dates at all before that.

5. First place dating?
Restoran Peladang, behind the office. Kebetulan dah nak lunch hour so jalan sekali la. You should seee how happy he was at that time.

6. How did he proposed?
He proposed me by SMS (malu kot!?). That night I was ironing my baju kurung, I got a text message by unknown number, which I suspected who it is from. It sounds like this, 'Cik Siti, sudi ke Cik Siti jadi teman hidup saya?' He was the only one who called me by that name. I accepted the proposal a month after that. (yelah, never dated. I am not sure whether I like him or not. Asyik gaduh je tiap2 hari. So buat Istikharah la..)

7. Speacial date with him?
Hmm... nothing specific. Everytime we went out, it was, makan-makan, tengok wayang, makan-makan lagi.

8. Changes that he asked you to do?
Well, less bising-bising. ( I would if you too improved yourself. If you can manage to be more disciplined, I can kurangkan bising-bising.*wink*)

9. What is it about him that you loved so much?
Well, he's not the most macho guy in the world. But he is so gentleman, he likes me and proposed me. Everybody says he is very kind, he is kind! He can stand me, even I am sometime a pain in the neck. He didn't mind taking his time and learn how to take care of the kids, change the diapers, buat susu malam-malam, and the most important thing, he wants me on his side no matter what it is and he TOOK CARE of me when I was in confinement, giving birth to our 2nd princess. WITHOUT ANY HELP from anybody! He cooks, he cleans, and took care of Tini and me. He has a good sense of humor, and likes to make me laugh all the time.
He didn't mind my fussy request, asking for so many things. Like drilling the walls, help me paint the room, shop for groceries, and some other things. And he never complained.

10.What is about him that you wish he would change?
Well, more self disciplined. 

11. You lose your mind and crack your head when he?
Making a mess, leave the bed without making it even if he's the last one who wakes up. Never put the laundry in the chutes, and backing up Tini whenever I'm punishing her for her mistakes.

12.You will smile through your eyes the whole day when he?
Help me up with my chores without being asked right after he got back from work, even when he is tired. I am touched!

13. Complete below sentence: "My love towards my husband/wife/gf/bf is as big as ...
the universe! I loved you despite your annoying attitude. I love you even when you kicked me in your sleep. (*LOL*) Because you're the love of my life!

I finished mine, why don't you guys write about your honey bunch. So I am tagging :



  1. wow. super classic love story! seriously it's nice to know ade lagi love story mcm zaman mak2 kita dulu. berkenan je trus ckp hasrat hati.

    mmg honest n sincere wanna make u his! xmain2 n xdate2 gado2 over phonecalls smpai bill melambung! ;) moga happy2 ke akhir hayat :)

  2. thanks syigim! Alhamdulillah, even my mom pun cakap die sincere sebab once i accepted his proposal, ujung minggu tu terus datang umah nak jumpe my parents.

    My mom cakap, ini baru betul2 gentlemen. Thank u again for the wishes, same to u tooo..!! Hope u too have a long good life with khairul.

  3. satu je kak.


  4. wadah: akak tengah bayangkan die dengan tersengih2nye pegang sepanduk tu, jalan sorang2!(*LOL) :)


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