Twiligth : New Moon

December 6, 2009


I've contained this feeling for a very long time since I saw it. I felt like there's a hole in me until I get to see it, then the hole will be filled.

Last Friday, I couldn't contain it. I got on the site and book 3 tickets for us. Venue, Reel Cinemas at Dubai Mall. As soon as Mr. Fadzil got home from the mosque, I told him, "Let's watch Twilight!" he said, "Okay, buy the ticket then." i said, "Done it!" he smiled and said, "Ooohhh, senyap-senyap je.."

I mean, I just gotta go. Luckily the rating is PG13, so I can take Falisha. This is her 2nd movie trip. And alhamdulillah she slept the whole time.

waiting lounge at Level 4, Screen 22 Reel Cinema



Twilight: The New Moon is the 2nd installment of the saga Twilight. I plan to get the book, since the 1st installment but I always forgot about it everytime I went out. Gotta have the collections.

I am not going to tell the whole movie to you or it's going to be a spoiler for you guys. Go! Buy a ticket, and watch it! It's worth the money.

This time, Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) is hotter then before! Even Taylor Lautner (Jacob) got 'beefier'. All the cast look more mature and better compare to the 1st movie. Bella Swan (as Tini said) played by Kristen Stewart, looks prettier and still remain sarcastic and cool.

The funny thing is, I am not the only one who obsessed with Twilight. The 4 year old Tini also as nuts as her mommy. She can watch the Twilight movie over and over and tell the story to her Babah without missing anything.

Okay just a little sneak peek. Bella recovered and so sensitive about birthday and age, as she turn 18 means 1 year older than Edward (eventhoug he's already 109 years old). Something happened at Edwards place while they're celebrating her birthday. She learned about the Volturi and the vampire's rules.
After all this scene, then Edward left and the goes Jacob.

I love the way the script was written, how Edwards speaks, and how Bella express her feelings to Alice in her emails, I don't know how to say it but it sounds very polite and pleasant.

The conclusion is, go watch it! I know I would go and watch it again, if I can.


  1. wahhh..aku nk hubby aku x bg sbb ng pregnant...buku dia aku da bc..besttt...nk tgk edward cullen...uwaaaa

  2. sarah: pegi je tengok, ape masalah ngan pregnant lak? bukan ko nengok benda2 tak elok ke ape ke, lain la cite tu horror gile, sampai terkejut, terkenan ke. kan? better la dr some people pegi tgk cite2 yang x membina minda lansung. serius, pegila, ko akan suke dengar setiap words and scene. angau dah aku ngan edward cullen tu!! HOT!!

  3. maybe sbb dia tgk iklan tu kan ade werewolf la tu yg x bg aku aku tetap nk pujuk dia..hehe..manela tau nt anak aku terkenan ng edward cullenn..hahahaa aku sudah jatuh cinta sama dia...

  4. LOL.. You're not the only one who thinks edward cullen is hawt.. tp, dia ada terlebih sket putih melepak kat new moon compared dgn twilight. maybe sbb director pun dah lain, jd cara presentation pun lain la.. I love the movie sbb edward byk pki suit. Cuma bila edward kat italy, time nk tunjuk diri dia kat sunlight, pesal dia pki seluar n kasut datuk org tu tak tau la.. Costume utk new moon a little horrible. Soundtrack pun tak best sgt.. Tp segalanya tak bermakna pabila Edward muncul di dpn mata... Ekekeke..

    Anyways, dropping by here for the first time. Nice layout! :)

  5. sarah: no problem la sarah. bgtau laki ko aku cakap xdehal. klu terkenan pun edward ke jacob ke, hensem tahap gaban tu!! pegila tgk, ko tu pregnant nanti meleleh air liur anak kempunan tau. bukan tgk benda x elok.

    Angel: how nice of u to drop by! thanks a lot, agree 200%, the make-up is 2 thumbs down for me, even the music, but the hawwwttttieesss!!!! still terbayang2 lagi la... (if my hubby read this, mesti die tersengih penuh sarcasm. But anyhow the sequels are worth to watch and worth to read (the book). Can't wait for Eclipse.

    p.s. drop by lah selalu, and thanks again. Nice knowing ya!

  6. Hi..
    kite t'sengih sesorg bile t'bace entry psl twilight nih. hehe
    minat gile tahap gaban gak kt edward cullen ni.. the way he speaks.. his words + his crocked smile..huh. sgt meruntun jiwa dan raga.. heheh.. i wish they will make a drama series according exactly what have been written in the books. :)


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