January 16, 2010

It's Friday, and we hit the movie again! Last week, we 'tried' to watch the movie but end up being stopped by the ticketing guy and he said, "No children under 5 is allow after 7pm." Yeah, it's in Dubai Festival Centre Grand Cinemas. Okay, enough chit,chat.

Avatar, Avatar...?? it's a sci-fi epic movie. Okay, If you wanna watch this, go watch in 3D. It's awesome!! 
Starting with a narrator talking about dreams and the narrator open his eyes and found himself in a small, tight coffin like place. He kept on narrating and after briefing by the they put on see-through gas mask or they will suffocate by the poison gas around them, unconscious in 20 seconds and died in 4 minutes.

Jack Sully is the main character of this movie an ex-marine that can't walk and on his way to replace his twin on a mission. He was requested even he can't walk because there are special method to complete the mission.
They arrived on the Pandora, a moon planet with the natives they called Navi. A blue, big, tall and almost human-like looks and features.

The humans went there with a mission and in order to do that, they hired a group of scientist and tricked them into coming by offering them the opportunity to study this natives for years, and it is lead by Grace (Sigourney Weaver).

The unique way of studying the natives is by using the AVATAR. They generate the Natives  body and combined them with human DNA so that the it may have the looks of the user. After that, by linking the human mind to the AVATAR. (like using Yahoo AVATAR but without the mind linking)

So there he is, joining the scientist group the 1st outing, he end up getting separated by the group and meeting the Natives face to face and they almost killed him.

There he met Neytiri played by Zoe Saldana, the Omaticaya Princess, the central clan of the story. If you knew the Indian clan in America, this epic movie will remind you of it. Of how the people are dedicated to the nature and so on.

Anyway, Jack was surprised that the Na'vi people can understand English but not him of their language. Because their 'Eywa', he was prevented by  the leader from being killed, but instead he was given a chance to prove himself. In other word, he's practically a family now, but not yet a part of the tribe. He is called 'Jacksully' (as in 'jaksully')This soon go on until he fell for the princess so is she. But how will they be together, as he can only be with her when he's in  he AVATAR?

So watch the AVATAR if you wonder about the end. On what the humans real agenda being on the moon. You won't even notice the 2 hours and 30 minutes you spend watching it, as each scene in the movie is full of excitement  and it makes you wonder what happen next.


  1. alaaaaaa nk tgk! but we were told kahfi xleh masuk lansung! whatevr time! camne falisha lepas yek? ooo seludup falisha dlm diaper beg ye hihi..

    nways, we plan to utilized 'bibik2' yg bakal dtg today to babysit, then we can go for our very very rare dating ;) maybe watch avatar that time

  2. syigim: klu pegi ibn batutta mall, memang diorg tak bagi masuk lansung budak2. Kitaorg pegi Dubai Festival City, u can bring the kids before 7pm for all PG rated movies.

    But then again, u got bibiks coming utilize it babe!! But YOU MUST WATCH AVATAR 3D!!! Takkan perasan tau2 dah 3 jam u duduk dalam panggung cerite pun dah habis! Memang puas hati.

  3. wah bestlah tgk wayang rasanya last tengok wayang 6 thn lepas huhuhu..sejak dah beranak pinak ni langsung wayang pon tarak..nak gak tgk wayang ni hehehhehe so kat festival city boleh bawa anak2 lah ya fairus? tingkat berapa ek ada land mark senang nak terjah hehehe...nak trylah tgk

  4. Fida: Kalau nak ke Grand Cinemas Festival City, masuk je Festival Centre Mall tu, (if Mark & Spencer on ur right) jalan arah kiri, akan jumpe Paris Gallery on ur right, terus sampai jumpe water feature yang unik dengan escalator sebelahnye. Naik escalator tu sampai ke top floor. Nanti jumpe lah grand cinemas tu. Semua movie rated PG bole bawak budak janji before 7pm. enjoy!! :)

  5. kak...dh brkurun x pegi tgk wayang tau...ntat bile dpt nk g dating ngn mypie tu ha...kang tglkan ank2..trkenang2 plak..

  6. hajar: Then, pegi tgk wayang yang bole bawak budak2. Pada akak macam tula, akak tak sampai hati nak tinggalkan, so akak pegi tgk yang akak bole angkut diorg masuk sekali.

  7. waiting for my Avatar 3D cheap ticket..

    Nikel Khor

  8. paij : memang best gile avatar ni...i tengok 3D..so real..anyway the best movie 2009..puashati gile tengok..even the ticket price a bit expensive

  9. Nikel: Want cheap ticket? go for the non 3D. That is cheaper. :)

    SugarnSpice: Memang, sedar x sedar dah habis je. Even my kids pun pay attention sampai habis. (except for Falisha she slept after 40 minutes.


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