The Last House On The Left, At The Other End Of The Line

January 19, 2010

What would you do, when you found out that, you're sheltering the people who torture and raped your daughter? And you have no car, your house the only one there deep in the woods, no cell phone signals and the power being cut-off. How far would you go to hurt them back?

That's what happened to Emma (Monica Potter) and John (Tony Goldwyn).  The vacation they were hoping for turned out to be a nightmare that neither of them will never forget.

As soon as they are settling down at their summer house, Mari (Sara Paxton), being a very good swimmer she jumped into the lake next to the house, enjoying it. Right away after that, she drives to the nearest town to see her friend Paige (Martha MacIsaac), besides her mother's worries.

In town, Mari and Paige met Justin (Spencer Treat Clark, the boy from the movie;'Unbreakable' by M.Night Shaymalan) who just drove in town and invited them to smoke marijuana in his motel room. 
Everything started when Justin's family member returns. Kurg, Justin's father, Francis, Justin's uncle and Sadie, Kurg's girlfriend.

It happened that Francis and Sadie just killed 2 cops and help Kurg to escape and their face was posted all over the morning newspaper. 

Not taking any chances, all of them except Justin decides they can't let them go. While the girls have no idea what's happening and who are this people. And the nightmare begins. Mari, leading them to her parents lake house thought that her plan are working out, until she tried to jump and escape, causing the car to crash in the woods. In the woods, the torturing and raping begin and the disagree Justin was silenced by his father and uncle.

I was crying while watching the scene as I imagined what if I was in her shoes? Or Emma's shoes? 

This horror movie was a remake from a movie of the same title in 1972. If you're in a mood for a really horrific movie, watch this. Oh, boy you sure want to look out for your kids after this and think, are you willing to kill other people to protect them?


How about a dessert after that heavy, horrific movie?

Two country, two cultures and one chance at love. That's how they describe it.
Priya Sethi (Shriya Saran) indulges her infatuation with American culture by working nights (while Americans are at work, on the other side of the world) at the Citi One Bank Card call center in Mumbai, India. Speaking in a perfect American English accent, she tells her customers her name is Jennifer David and a native of San Francisco. Her conservative father Rajeev is unhappy that she is so eager to forsake her own culture for another, but will be pleased when she goes through with her arranged marriage to wealthy but childishly dull Vikram.

Posing as Jennifer David, she called Granger Woodruff (Jesse Metcalfe) to help him with his fraudulent charge on his card. They instantly connected on the phone, and ends up planning to meet.
If you loved 'Pretty Woman' You gonna love this movie. This is not the 1st Indian-American movie that have been on the screen. 

Frankly, I loved some of these movies. My own sweet time for some 'therapy' besides shopping. Anyway, ladies, enjoy!


  1. yup..mmg very thriller movie ni..masa sy tgk cite ni, bila tgk ending movie, ayah budak pompuan tu torture org jht tu balik, sy tak terbayang lah dia leh jadi gitu, tapi husband kata, cuba kita di tempat dia, anak diseksa sedemikian rupa, mesti kita jadi hilang pertimbangan gak..btw, sy link k ;)

  2. macam haunted movie je yang 1st tu...tapi sinopsisnya macam best je citernya. movie baru ke tu?

  3. catlinafly: memang, if we put ourself in their shoes, only Allah knows what we will do. Memang x sangka John buat mcm tukan?

    Nadiah Sidek: Bukan haunted movie, but thriller. Memang action thriller betul. Bukan cite baru, dah lama main last year, saya yang baru nengok sebab ada bby tu yg klu cite2 camni tgk kat umah je lepas dah berbulan2 keluar kat cinema.

  4. the second movie sounds interesting esp. for me who used to be so crazy abt Hindi movies.

  5. temp.housewife: It is interesting! You should watch, with a zest of Indian in a Hollywood movies, like 'Bride and Prejudice' by Aishwarya Rai.

    p.s. bole la nak layan jiwang sat, time boring2 tu. Thanks for visiting, sis! :)

  6. salam paij 188..hemmm best kan dapat tenguk cerita lama..akak skrg ni dah krg minat nak tgk wayang..kena tenguk cerita camner..skrg minat tenguk CSI Miami.

  7. kak ina: salam, CSI memang my top-list since high school dulu. Cuma kat rumah ni bile boring2 sambil2 lipat kain, download pastu burn DVD, layan aje kan.. Cos some of this movie can give us some moral value instead of entertainment. Thanks for dropping by kak.


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