Can't You Ask For Permission?

January 21, 2010

I was cooking when I heard my husband high tone voice from our garage. "Hoi!!" He, never, ever raise his voice that way unless there is something really got on his nerve. Fatini ran inside. She was supposed to wait outside for her school bus to come with my husband. I put on my scarf and ran to the garage to see what happened. "What's wrong?" I asked him. He didn't answer me but kept talking to somebody in a very angry voice. I saw a white truck in front of our house, with a driver inside, and the engine is running. And then, I saw a guy in a white and brown uniform running towards the truck holding a cup. And they left in a hurry.

I heard my husband said again, " I can report you to the police! Why can't you ask for permission?" I went inside and continue my cooking. 

Once my husband when inside, I asked him what's wrong. So, he told everything. When he opened the door to go outside, he saw this guy (maybe Indian or Pakistani) standing in our garage taking water from our tap just next to the car in the garage. He was surprised when he saw my husband, and when my husband shout at him, he hurriedly ran away and say, "Sorry, sorry, karkash, karkash (i guess that's what they called garbage)." My husband were so angry and said, "If you want to take karkash, just take the karkash! Not stealing water! If you really want a cup of water, ask for permission. Not just come in, intruding our place and steal!" And then again, there's no garbage to be taken at all at our place.

All morning we talked about that incident and thought that maybe that's the reason why our water bills are so high! As if the people crossing at our front yard from the main road are not enough as a problem. Now we have a new problem.

I guess this people, workers like them simply intruding, come early in the morning to take water or whatever they want. It's not like we are monsters that we won't give them a cup of water, from the garden tap or something. But they are stealing! They didn't even knock the door and asked for permission!

I guess that explains why some our stuff are missing from the garage. You see, you cannot bagi muka sangat to them. Once you start, they will assumed your house is their house too! Naik lemak pulak! I am not discriminating or anything but, that is what we have to do! I didn't mind being a courtesy customer when they are attending us in the shop or anyplace. I still talk nicely to them and won't be such a bossy. But once they asking from us for extra tips, and else, and start naik kepala, of course you gotta do something about it.

Once, when we just moved here in Springs. I was alone at home with my kids. I notice the garden are in terrible shape. Because of this, every hour there's a few gardeners came and asked if we need their expensive but not-that-nice job of transforming the garden. You can hire them to do the maintenance, but not landscaping the garden. I declined them, because I don't think it's worth the money. Me and Mr.Fadzil can manage ourselves. There is this one gardener that came everyday and calling my husband (I don't know why my husband gave his phone number) forcing us to hire him. And one day, he came and asked me to hire him, and when I said no, he asked for water and everything, whether or not he can stay and rest there for a while, and so on. I said, "No! Go away, or I called the police!" Ewah, ewah, die ingat ni rumah tumpangan??!!  

I wrote this so that all my friends out there, just to be cautious with this guys. Baik tu berpada-pada, jangan sampai mereka ni naik kepala pulak. I don't want you guys to think of me as a horrible person, I just want to protect our family and our home and of course my self. 

p.s. Bil air tinggi gile tu yang tak larat tu!!!! Barang hilang kena curik!! Sape larat?

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  1. u did the right thing dear! good for u. we can't let other people take advantage on us.


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