The Ups and Downs of Me

January 5, 2010

While everybody was talking about new year's resolution, I was thinking about only one thing. My health and my weight.

What I am talking about is, my health and lifestyle. I am always plump as long as I can remember. Being in this shape always makes me low in self-esteem, when it comes to clothes and appearance. But what I remember most, I started to gain more weight when I was in the boarding school. Besides debates, I always passionate about sports and all others extreme and fitness activities. I was 16 when I stopped all this activities. It was then I started to gain more weight. It makes it more obvious when I am 'blessed' with my late grandmothers large hips and bumps. It kind of runs in the family. The funny thing is, whenever I went to shop for jeans, it always stuck at my hips but loose on my waist. Yes, I have a tiny waist.

Enough about that.

Moving to Dubai gave me a great impact when I gain more. I gain almost 30lbs in almost a year since we moved here. My only time that I lose weight was when I am 19 and gain back after I got married. I was in such horror that I am now really, really heavy!! It's like a wake up call for me. My husband is very skinny, but me? I look like extra LARGE pear with two feet. But the best thing was, I may be fat, but I have more stamina and fitter than my dear husband.

With a new resolution (not even a new year), I start searching online about health and lifestyle. YES I want to improve my health and lifestyle first, slimming, second. I changed my eating habits, I even start doing exercise and aerobics at home by myself (as there were no gym available at the apartment I stayed at that time), I started swimming and walking.

The results by the end of one month, I lose 1/2lbs. Not much, but I feel good and more fired up to continue it. And when we moved to this new place, they got a gym. I went to the gym instead. And I continue to lose weight and getting fit. One thing that bothers me was, I didn't lose much but my waistline improves a lot. I went to see a doctor and he said, there's nothing wrong with me. I am healthy and fit, but, my heavy weight is not because of the 'fat'. But, the muscle I had since I was young, from all the heavy activities I was into before. I am used to a lot of calories BUT, with a lot of calorie burning activities. Since I stopped they were stored into FAT.


My other problem is, every time I get depressed, I started to crave. When I started to crave, I eat. A LOT!. Then I started to gain weight again. That what happened to me, after all those hard work. So last year, after I gave birth, I started my mission again. To be as healthy as possible and to lose more weight.

While I was pregnant, I went online and search for any health products and of course my jamu for the confinement. I found them, and I am grateful for the healthy supplement can be mailed to me every month, until now to maintain my health in every way. I never bother about supplement before. But now I do.

Last year, after the birth of Falisha, I make sure I follow all the strict confinement rules and manage to lose 20lbs after 40 days. But still I want to feel better and look better. As soon as Falisha started solid food, at 6 months, I started my diets.

I read about healthy way of weight loss, other stuff that led to healthy lifestyle and eating habits. I started to follow the 1200 calories per day. Using the Calorie Count to measure the food. But I took 1500 calories instead as I am still breastfeeding Falisha. So after 6 months I manage to lose almost 8 lbs. The best thing was, during the Raya Haji, some of my friends that saw our new family pictures said I look slimmer and good! They want to know how I did it. Alhamdulillah, mean it works! It's not just the food intake, it is also exercise, exercise, exercise!

So now, feeling healthier and fitter, I will continue my healthy habits and lifestyle. It's not just about my weight, but the most important is to be healthy and feels good!


  1. ala xyah kurus sgt fairus. we'll just remain "voluptuous!!!" hihihi..

  2. I agree. Bukan nak kurus sgt pun, I ni ade masalah kat 'lower body', now that it is quite solved so... just slowly turunkan and maintain "voluptuos" and stay healthy and fit. tu my main target. hihihi..

  3. thanks!! dah ade improvement, but kena improve lagi. tengkiu!

  4. nampak pun dah susut dah ko pai...dah pakai jeans lg...hehe...aku ni plak risau..lepas abis kat slimworld, dah x continue dah...x mampu n x larat lg dah nak gi 3 kali seminggu..
    now, cume kawal makan n minum banyak air...skrg pun dah naik ke 52 kg...nak aim ke 50 kg jer...mak aku x kasi aku jd kurus..huhuhu...
    since dhia dah minum susu formula, leh la start kontrol mkn...kalo x, x cukup susu plak...

  5. yana: aku pun camtu gak bukan nak kurus sangat pun, nanti x selera laki aku, ahaks!! CUme bile dah reduce sikit kat area hips and bottom ni, dan mak aku pun tegur, aku syukur sangat. bukan nak bragging, tapi sebab ramai tanye, tu pun je la yang aku buat. almaklumla, anak baru 2 tak mau la nampak macam org dah anak 10 kan? tapi yang penting sihat dan aku rasa sgt best skrg!

  6. yupp..yg penting sihat..exercise lebih sikit.

  7. salam dari akak yang jauh..bilalah agaknya nak balik ke sini..nanti bagitau ye...kalau kebetulan balik kg suami atau kg abah akak kek alor gajah insyallah akak leh jumpo kamu tau..
    cahiyoklah dah ada nuffnang..

  8. 1st time jugak nengok blog fairuz. comel la background blog dia :-). lagu pun best hehehe..
    ummm nak kurus yer.. jogging best time winter ni..


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