Care For a Dark Alley Thai's at Smiling Bangkok?

February 27, 2010

Tell me what,kind of food you couldn't find in Dubai? Having staying in a country where you don't have to worry about not having 'Halal' food around sure gave us an advantage.

Thai food is one of it. I am sooooooo into Thai food!! Back home, I used to tried each restaurant or stall or cafe that offered Thai food. But frankly, out 100 only 2 that really can be called 'The Real Thai Food'. With the original taste, and no modification by the local with some add up ingredients.

There's a few Thai restaurant in Dubai. But I'll go to that one by one.

On the top of my list is Smiling Bangkok. Never heard of it? To all my Dubai friends, this is a MUST go! Located on Al-Wasl Road area just behind the Emarat petrol station. If you're from Jebel Ali direction, Turn right at the Empost Al-Wasl, and then take the 1st left, until u found an open place just next to the Emarat. Now you should be behind the Emarat. There will be small shop building, walk straight to the right side of the building, you should pass a beauty saloon, a stationary shop and a laundry shop and the Restaurant should be at the end of the row.

you'll see this at the end of the shop row

What's good? 1st of all, the setting. You see? The dark gloomy settings with a unique decoration of variety of lamps, frames and mirrors. One false I found is, the place got a lot of customers BUT, the cozy place is really small. It only can fit around 30  people tops at one time.

 The cozy environment, I like i!

But the food... Hmmmmm.... 
With the unique names for each of the menu, it add up some fun while reading the menus and deciding what to eat. For example, one of the menu is 'I Got Big Butt!' hahahah funny eh? That is for some stir fry chicken or something.

The price, it's a standard usual price of the food around here. But what I loved the most is, the taste of the food. The pure Thai taste!! The tom yum, crackers, curry, cashew chicken, prawn toast. Arghh... everything is good!! 

Since the past 3 years we've been out and about to Smiling Bangkok. They recognized the kids and been surpised on how big Falisha had been.

Non like other restaurant, their cook and waitress are mostly Thai. There's 2 waiters are non Thais. It is good when you arrived, they welcome you with a warm Thai friendly way. 'Sawadikap' (i hope it's the correct spelling)

 You won't miss this dark alley when heading to the restaurant.

Crave for a Thai food, then go! Try Smiling Bangkok at a dark alley way near Al-Wasl. 

So, what is your favourite food that you'll try and find a way to find it, no matter where you are?


  1. wow sedap ni thai wasl road dekat2 mana ada land mark?

  2. fida: hmm klu kat al-wasl tu belok kanan sebelah EMPOST building tu, pastu belok kiri, straight tembus kat belakang EMARAT tu.

  3. suka gak thai food. thai food kan pedas2..tu yg suka tu

  4. salam..sekali-sekali pekena masakan thai memang sedap..terutamanya tom yam..

  5. baca entry ni...yum yum teringat tom yam hehehe

  6. Salam...
    Dah lama ke tinggal kat Dubai..?

    Sama ke tom yam sana dengan tom yam di malaysia... ? :)

  7. gile gothic interior dia! lawa la!

    confirm nk gi nk rasa tomyam dia! fairus, i dont like tomyam tau but u know la pregnancy can give u weird cravings! hihi...

    and i agree sgt2 with ur first sentence - makanan ape yg xde kat dubai? kadang2 rasa mcm dlm byk2 posting kat oversea, best jgk kita duk dubai yg xsusah nk cari makanan! :)

  8. aduh...sdpnyer tomyam...even kt mesia pon ssh nk cari kdai tomyam yg betul2 sedap...T_T


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