Two Glasses of 'Teh Tarik' at Metro Falcon

February 10, 2010

Mr.Fadzil not feeling very well today. Actually since 2 days ago he has been complaining about the aching and headache. 'Kesian, abang!' I guess the fever he had last week still there even after a week. Or maybe the cold weather plus, the fact that he kept climbing up the top of the 'Nad Al Sheba Grandstand's' crescent roof made him sick again. Oh well, he rest well today and seems better.

Anyway, I was about to go out this evening, when he said he wants to come with me and the kids. Ok, let's go. So, we went to Karama, pumped the tyres of Falisha's Quinny Buzz at Good Baby, buy some herbs and vegetables in Sunflower and then we go to our all time favourite 'lepak' place. The Metro Falcon!

It's like a 'kedai mamak' back in Malaysia. Where is it? You know Shang-Ri-La in Sheikh Zayed Road?  Yeah, it's just behind the hotel, where you can see The Canadian University, and there's a mosque on the right side of the university. The Metro Falcon is just behind the mosque. If you notice almost all mosque has a restaurant or cafe next to it. The main reason is, most locals here LOVED to 'sedekah'. One way is, they gave an amount of money to the cafe and ordered an amount of food to serve to everybody at the mosque after prayer, especially on Friday and Ramadhan for iftaar.

Okay, what's good here in Falcon (that's what we called it.)? Hehehe... I loved the 'teh tarik'. 3 years back, they didn't even knew what 'teh tarik' is. That was when they newly opened, and the staff of TAK (where Mr.Fadzil's worked) from Sheikh Salman Tower always go there to eat and 'lepak'. They were introduced to Malaysian food and Bahasa Melayu, by this guys! After 3 years, some of the staff can speak Malay! 

oohhh..... hot teh tarik, even Tini ordered one too!

What I learned, Mr. Fadzil and his friends taught them how to make, 'roti telur' or egg pratha, with added chilies and onion, just like back home in Malaysia. If you guys noticed, most restaurant or cafe here, serves the 'chai' in small paper cup. But the TAK guys taught them how to 'tarik' the 'chai' and serves in glasses instead of the paper cup. So, everytime we go there we ordered, "Teh tarik gelas besar, satu!" hehehe, yes they understand that. Hmm.. just an info, we learned that the black tea (teh'o) is called 'sulaimani'.

We've been to a quite number of cafe like Falcon but never found a great 'teh tarik' and friendly service like them. Don't be surprised if they recognized a Malaysian like us, which automatically entitled you a friendly and warm service from them.

Another best thing in here, they knew the Malaysian loved to eat french fries with Kimball Chili Sauce. Well, that is also a 'teaching' from the Mr. Fadzil and friends.  Usually they served Tomato Ketchup to everybody. Thanks to the Malaysian guys from TAK, this cafe made feel like hanging out in some 'kedai mamak' back home.

So, if you feel like having a nice piping hot 'teh tarik' in a glass with nice 'roti canai', you should go to The Metro Falcon.


  1. eeeee best!!!! i dont take hot drinks but khairul mmg tercari2 the BEST teh tarik! i bole try roti canai situ! mesti pegi nii!!! & i love d fact that fadzil & gang yg 'malaysianized' the kedai!

    nicely written review, fairus! :))

  2. try lah, syigim! I tak tau la klu ade tempat lain yang best, but I memang suke lepak situ for lunch ke, dinner ke, minum petang ke, best!

    Anyway, thanks for the compliment syigim, means a lot when it comes from you.

    p.s. all the cool tips you wrote is worth reading and practising. thanks to you! :)

  3. besar pengaruh staf TAK kat falcon tu kan. pasni suh depa ajar mamak tu buat nasik lemak daun pisang plak. ada satu kari ikan dia sedap sgt rasa mcm ala2 asam pedas.

  4. dah xde ofis kat sheikh zayed road. semua dah pindah site, xde sape nak ajar depa lagi. hehehe.... but boleh lah nnti kitaorg ajar diorg nnti. hehehe..

  5. wah..bestnya! lama dah tak mkn kat kedai (baru setengah thn je pun :p)..huhu..

    rasanya antara yg best duk di dubai blh mkn kat retauran/kedai mkn..hehe..

  6. nadiah: sis, alhamdulilah! tu lah advantage nye bile duk muslim country nih. bole la sekali sekala nak bertukar selera. tapi klu duk US tak dapat nak makan kedai, jimat la duit kan? lg best!

  7. ada teh tarik must try!
    thanks sharing info

  8. fida: jom! hari jumaat pagi nih!

  9. Wah kat sana pun boleh makan macam2 menu macam kedai mamak. bestnye.

  10. Salam Ijan,

    yes, alhamdulillah! Boleh makan macam2 kat sini.. kena pandai carik lah tu je. :) thanks for visiting, come often ya! :)

  11. kat sini kalau Indian restaurant yg halal pun mana ada teh tarik! huhu. pastu banyak jual kebab dan pizza halal je. muak nak mkn.

  12. Salam.. bestnye n rasa bangga pulak biler org luar sediakan menu kita.. :) Tak pernah terfikir plak nak request org Turkey kt German ni buat teh tarik.. yg selalu dapat teh o pekat gelas kecik tu.. huhu..

  13. best2.. anyway, salam jauh dari bumi Dublin, Ireland.. blog walking kejap.. rajin2, jemput laa singgah ke my blog.. :)


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