Go, Tini Go!

February 9, 2010

It was a very nice day even with the cold wind chilling through the 3 layers of tops and jacket I am wearing. The school compound is full of the parents' cars. We walked to the lobby and was welcomed by the administration staff and lead us to the field where the sports will be held. I never been to this part of Winchester School.



The memory makes me smile. Since the last 2 months Tini's been telling me that she's in the RED group. Assuming a special group in her class activities, I always listened to her whenever she told me about the group. Last week, we got a memo from the school informing about the Sport's Day. She has to go to school in a House Color T-shirt. I said to myself, 'what is her House Colour?" and then I remembered, RED. No wonder she's been talking about RED group the whole time!

We saw the marching band, followed by the FS2 kids lining up to the field. But I didn't see Tini. Mr.Fadzil found a spot and I start going around the field to find a perfect place to shoot.

The best thing about little kids Sport's Day are :
  • They didn't care about winning, they just have fun!
  • Enjoying themselves are the 1st priority
  • Just look how cute and funny they are.
  • While bigger kids, try their best, or run as fast as they could, this kids didn;t even bother even they are the last one arrived.
  • No, fighting or crying because you lose.
There are 4 teams named by colours, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. On the field, there were 4 sections of telematch for each class (there's 5 classes). There are, 'bawak Ping Pong dalam sudu', 'Building up a block',  'Fill up the jar with water' and 'move the balls'. So each classes will rotate or take turn after they each finish the game until every class had their turn. So the point is total up on how many game each House win.

At the end of the game, the Red House won over-all.  So, Tini's team got the 1st place and a cute medal! 'Boleh lah budak2 kan?!'

Even Falisha enjoyed herself. Walking, rolling and sitting on the field. She even crossed over the line and ran towards Tini and her friends.I loved seeing my daughters running around the field, and how Falisha wanted to push the stroller all by herself which is so cute!! How the two of them bonding with each other, which was the sweetest moment and I get to capture it, perfectly! Giving me the chance to 'test power' my new 'teropong' and the manual features which I am now quite familiar with it.

By 10 a.m the sport is over and I even get to bring her earlier so she doesn't have to go home by bus at 12. Seems Tini had fun and slept all the way home, with Falisha at the back.


  1. sooo cute...nice pics...da besar si felisha tu kan???

  2. sugarspices: tulah, dah besar anak2 aku. yg kecik tu mac ni setahun. aku rs cam baru lg hbs pantang...

  3. bestnye Tini dpt medal. say congrats to her from another Tini here. :D

  4. cute sgt tgk falisha dan tini hehehhe..tahniah tini..

  5. dulu mak ayah kita yg tgk kita masuk acara sukan sekolah, kali ni turn kita pulak tgk anak2 :)

  6. fida: thank u auntie fida! nnti tgk sports day fatin plak! :)

    Nadiah: tulah sis, macam kelakar kan, dulu kite yang terkedek2 skrg tgk anak2, agaknye camni lah perasaan diorg tgk kite dulu kan?


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