Birthday Bash and Then There Goes The Teeth!

February 7, 2010

As I mentioned before, Fatini just turned 5. Yesterday, we had a small gathering with friends, for makan-makan (aktiviti biasa la Malaysian kat sini).

I cooked, and that's a must! I am not an excellent cook, but everybody expects to have good food when they come. So I made Nasi Ayam (my own recipe), kuih bakar and popiah basah. Not much, but I was hoping that they'll enjoy it. That's the reason, why I've been away, for quite sometimes. I really want to blog, but the commitment to cooking and, tarts orders kept me away from my laptop.

The day came and I started in the morning and got everything ready by the time our 1st guest and baker, Fida arrived. She brought a lovely cake for Tini, not only lovely, but taste so GOOD!

I put Tini in her red cheong-sam from last year's Chinese New Year (yes, we do attend the celebration by TAK). She so adorable with her newly cut hair. 
Guests arriving, and I started to worry about whether the food is enough for them? But everything turned out, just fine! Alhamdulillah, the word, "Sedap!" that came out from their full mouth, made me smiled.
I am glad that most of invited guests excepted the invitation and came. So there it goes, makan-makan, borak-borak, and makan-makan some more!
The kids, they had great time too! Running around, climb up and down the stairs, eat more cupcakes, and running again. And I enjoyed seeing them enjoying themselves.
The party lasted until 9pm, with the guests from RAK and Sharjah is the last one to went home. Let's not forget Fida and familly. Thank you so much you guys.  And  for those lovely presents you guys brought for Tini, she is so happy!



Wait, the story doesn't end here.

this is before I pulled the teeth. There you can see the new teeth already came out at the back, causing the baby teeth to loose all by it self.

Because it's a her birthday party, I waited until the next day. Well, it is time for her to face that one of her baby teeth have to be pulled out. I explain to her, that she already got the grown up teeth coming out from the same place where the baby teeth is. If she doesn't get it pulled out, she'll have a crooked teeth. And she was crying, saying that she wants a pretty teeth. And she was crying, saying that she doesn't want me to touch her teeth, only the DENTIST can touch it!

The problem with dentist, it's expensive here! Even you're covered with the insurance, you still have to pay hundreds of dirham for the service. The privilege of being covered are, you just need to pay 50 dirham for the service charge and less 20 - 25% of the original teeth service, whatever it is.

Because the teeth is loose , I planned to pull it myself as my dear husband doesn't have the GUTS to pull it out! Huh! (*&^%%&*%$#@)

lepas cabut gigi, kesian sayang ummi!
There it goes!

that's her teeth, put under her pillow for the tooth fairy.

Dah ok dah, tak nangis lagi.

So that afternoon after the party day, I told her to lay down on the sofa. I prepared a bunch of folded sterilized cottons. Using only sanitized rubber gloves and tissue to pull the teeth, I managed to pull the loose teeth after a few pulls. There goes her cute tiny baby teeth. She was crying, and crying. I know, it's painful. So I hug her and told her to bite the cotton to put some pressure on the bleeding gum. I told her to go to sleep so that the pain will go away. She lay down there watch her favorite cartoon but didn't go to sleep. After 30 minutes, there she goes playing and jumping around forgot about the pain and her teeth.
That's her first experience pulling out a teeth and the pain, and getting new teeth. I am glad she's doing fine!


  1. what a braze girl! Fairus ni kira berani jugak nak cabut gigi anak sendiri. Kalau Knur pun tak tentu lg nak buat.

  2. wuwuwu cian baby,kan da cantek.nnt wdh ade anak,banyak benda wdh nak belajar dari akak.terutame semangat akak tu.yeah!

  3. temp.housewife: sis, nak tak nak kena berani. sebab ade pengalaman pun ye. masa kecik2 kami adik beradik, klu setakat gigi goyang tu, my dad cabut aje sendiri. tak payah tunggu dentist. my hubby 'mabuk darah' dan a bit penakut, die x mau usik lansung! saba aje.

    wadah: insyaallah boleh aje.

  4. meriah majlis tini..mesti syok klu dpt dtg aritu..
    muaz dulu 2 kali pi cabut kt hospital, sebatang gigi melayang 100dirham, 2 btg 200la..nk cabut, dia xbg padahal gg mmg dh goyang, sib baik dia nk g hosp..lpas tu gg goyang dia dh berani cbut sdiri dh..hehe

  5. itula, tu yg decide cabut sendiri je kat umah sebab dah goyang. JImat duit dan masa. :))

  6. thanks for inviting us and ordered cake from me..nasi ayam for sure boleh jual kat bazaar ramadhan tahun ni..serius! mesti laku

    wah bagus tu...cabut gigi anak sendiri save duit here in Dubai everything costly

  7. pandainya kawan tu buat kek cantik! sy ni nak design kek simple je pun tak reti :p

    ala..kesiannya tgk tini nangis gigi kena cabut. dulu masa kecik2 takut jugak cabut gigi susu tu padahal dah goyang sgt2..ehe..

  8. i agree with kak nur.. i pun blom tentu berani nk cbut sendiri gigi khaleef!!! confirm suh bapak dia je nanti! :P

    nways, fairus dear, i can't thank u enough for having my whole extensive family over. segerombolan dtg & u wlcome us with open arms and open periuk of nasi ayam!!!

  9. salam..happy birthday tini..tentu penat kan menyiapkan segala-galanya..tak aper..demi anak tercinta seorang mak boleh melakukannya.

  10. happy birthday tiniiii....hehehe nice blog dear...really enjoy to read it!

  11. fida: no problem, i am the one who should thank u! alah, dah goyang doktor punbuat yg sama jugak nnti bukan bius pun. semua klu bole nak save klu duk sini.

    nadiah: sis, sy pun memang 'fail' nak mendecorate kek! sebb tu jadi tukang order je kat member yg ade skill. hehehe!

    SYigim: again, not a problem to me! I loved company, tak kisah pun. I am happy and please to see them enjoying themselves. Janga serik datang tau! pasni, klu ade g family u dtg bawak je! just let me know so, I can cook! hehehehe ! :))

    kak ina: time kasih! itulah the power of the mother. alhamdulillah, semua berjalan lancar kak.

    sugarspices: thanks auntie! thanks lina, biasa aje, blog ko lg mcm2 cerite. aku more ke kisah sendiri je, hihihi!


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