The Bambam Turned 1!

March 20, 2010

The whole week occupied with guests at home has restrained me from blogging. I even planned to write something for her, but I missed. 

My aunt and uncle and their 4 kids are here, visiting. Unlike other people, I don't have the advantage of other people helping me to cook or clean while attending my kids and my guest and my husband all at the same time.

But thank Allah, I did remember my Bambam turned 1 on 17th March. My cousin, her uncle, turned 2, 2 days after that. We didn't have a grand celebration, but a small pre-celebration just to remember it and of course, for the kids to have fun and eat the cake.

My Bambam @ Debok :

1. Walk at 10 months.
2. Have 8 teeth by the time her birthday.
3. Say her first word, 'baba' and 'mama'.
4. Climb the stairs at 9 months.
5. Understands funny jokes.
6. Fighting with her sister for something (really bad!)
7. Sits in her own car seat.

so many things, I can't list it here.

So what ever it is, I am grateful, she is given a good health and in perfectly healthy shape. She is PERFECT!

Well, to FALISHA, (her name means happiness), HAPPY BIRTHDAY my BAMBAM!
Ummi, Babah, and Kakak loved you so much!

To all my friends, thank you very much for the wishes!


  1. wow. sangat cantik gambaq bambam. belakang ada burj al arab (betul ke tak nama bangunan tu?) dan air yang sangat jernih!

    hepi besday bambam!!

  2. happy belated bitrhday to Falisha a.k.a Bam Bam. The nickname is so cute. hehe

  3. wah2 berketul2 debab ni.rase goreng yela sodap ni.haha.cantek gambar tu :)

  4. jeles aunty mas tengok bambam bergambar ngan bangunan tue...

    happie belated besday... :)

  5. selamat hari lahir falisha..smoga panjang umur,happy selalu...dan jgn garang2 dgn kakak...^_^

  6. happy birthday falisha! geram tgk kakinya tu! hehe..

  7. husna: thanks auntie! ha ah, burj al-arab, betoi la tu.

    temp.housewife: thanks! sebab die semangat sangat! been using that nick since die lahir.

    nmmy84: ko nak goreng die? huhu.. takleh kasi dekat nih. hahaha! thanks wadah!

    maslinamansor: thanks auntie! nnti auntie dtg la visit kitaorg kat sini.

    lehhcomel: thanks! noted, tak mau garang2.. hehehe..

    nadiah: thanks, berlipat2, selalu kena gigit! :)

  8. Ya Allah...geramnya tengok budak ni...comel sangat2!!!

    rasa nak peluk2 and main2 ngn dia...comel sangat!

  9. kejap jer dh setahun falisha debokni..rasa cam baru sgt sy gi melawat fairus di hosp al rafa dan terbayang lagi muka falisha masatu..
    hepi bezday falisha. smga mnjadi ank yg solehah, cerdik dan sihat selalu hendaknya ye..amin..

  10. seksinya model burj arab tu! pakai hotpants pink lagi!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hopefully auntie can make it to ur bday bash n blom stat pantang!!!!

  11. Happy 1st belated birthday falishah debob hehehhe comei dan seksi gitu gmbr tu :)

    nice to see you update the blog..mesti bz layan relative dtg rumah

  12. hepi belated besday...eiii geram tgk kaki dia tuh

  13. Happy belated birthday to Falishah...muaahhh peluk cium dari auntie kat sini


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