Another Family Visits

March 21, 2010

I forgot that last time when my parents came to visit, I didn't even blog about it. I was so occupied and tired that I totally didn't have time to blog. Anyway, here are some photos from my aunt's visit last week. I'll guide you from here, on each event.

Until today, we already had 2 families visiting, my parents in December and my aunt, last week. Well, I am the tourist guide. I drove them around here and took them everywhere, so they get to spend everyday, 'jalan-jalan ' all the time.

Visit to The Walk in Dubai Marina, is a must. I took them here too. Except the kids went to play on the beach before more walk on The Walk.

on the Marina Beach

ape yang anak beranak ni tengok ye?

Ice cream at Cone Street? A must!

Ice cream at the Cone Street Gelato.

Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah also a MUST! :) Admiring the architecture and the big tank inside it.

That is one BIG fish!

see, how big the tank is..?

in front of the Atlantis Hotel

And then there goes the Tawassol Restaurant. Eating the good mandiy rice is a MUST! 'Rugi kalau tak try'!

The souvenir hunting in Gifts World, Karama. Well, I usually take them out to Karama during working hours. It's easy to find a parking spot and less crowded.

My aunt said, Ibn Batutta Mall and all other big malls in Dubai make all the malls in Malaysia looks puny. She said that when we were at Ibn Batutta Mall. They were fascinated by the architecture, and how big the malls are and how this people could design such thing just for a mall.

Really big!! This is China Court. One of the 5 parts of the mall. Which are, China, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia and India

And then there's the Burj Khalifa with it's signature Dubai Mall. With a beautiful view and musical fountain show that starts at 6pm, every 20 minutes, every day. I took them here too, because it's a MUST when you visit Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

Musical Fountain show

And then, the photography session by the Burj Al-Arab. You can only go in by reservation only. Without any reason, you can't go in. Even a high tea cost you more than AED350 (RM300 ++). Expensive? Of course, it's the only 7 stars hotel in the world.

Not to missed, Bur Dubai. Bur (means, kampung). Is an old part of Dubai. This is the place where you can see many people and cultures. Not the modern Dubai, instead you can see other foreigners from Pakistan, India, Africa, etc and it's really different from the city. It's where you shop for abayas, 'jubah', 'kain' and many other stuffs that you can get with a really cheap price. I took them to Naif Road.

Shop for 'jubah sulam'

The Ski Dubai. Skiing in the middle of the desert?  My parents kind of, 'it's ok, tak try pun takpe.' but not my uncle, he came here for the ski experience. So are the kids, for the snow and it's in Mall Of Emirates (MOE), which not far from my place, took less then 15 minutes to arrive.

a shot that I managed to get from outside the snow park

Well the journey doesn't stop there. I mean, we didn't just travel around Dubai, but we took them to other places.

Qanat Al-Qasba in Sharjah

top of Jebel Hafeet, Al-Ain. 13 degrees at that time

The kids sure love it

Jump, kids! Jump!

Hey, it's not fair! Wait for me!

We took my aunt and her family to a place in the desert where you can rent a quart bike and go around the place for 30 minutes. Besides that, there's a quart bike for the kids, and camel ride for anybody who doesn't want to ride the bike.

The guys in action, Fadzil and my uncle.

'jalan-jalan naik unta'

Show off!!

Well, that's all there is on their visits. My parents, and my aunt. 2 separate visits. They didn't stay long though, but we are happy they at least came to visit us, plus 'jalan-jalan' Dubai. I hope more of our families will come.


  1. bestnya family dtg visit. cantik la gmbr2 tu. teringin nak gi dubai pulak (semua tmpt teringin nak pergi..ehe..). teringin jgk rasa nasi mandi! sedap sgt ke nasi mandi tu? syigim pun ada mention jgk nasi mandi. nasi mandi mknn org Arab ye?

  2. sigh....made me miss the time when my sisters were here!

    bestkan? psl kita pun jln2 skali! ;)

  3. Wow..fantastic holiday. Hopefully, one day I can visit there too..InsyaAllah..mesti besh shopping kain kat sana..;)

  4. kalau saya datang boleh?
    kak fairus bw jln2 mcm ni blh x?
    cam sgt best jaaa

  5. nadiah: sis, mandiy rice tu makanan org egypt or yemen camtulah. org local sini makan beriani or nasik putih jugak.

    syigim: memang, klu tak kitepun tak sakan berjalan cmtu.

    anis radzi: boley, u dtg sini, stay at my place, i visit ur place plak, tukar2 amacam? hehe..

    husna: boley dik. dtg aje, akk always welcome.

  6. bloghoping..n then ter'terjun' ke sini...

    errr tetiba terasa nak book ticket pergi dubai :)*cantik gambar2 nya!*
    sangat-sangat teringin untuk kesana!

    salam persahatan dari malaysia..
    i put ur link in my list ya? *mintak izin dulu*

  7. m.u.n.i.r.a: sila..sila.. salam dari saya jugak. dtg la.. lojing umah kami. always welcome. really appreciate new friendship. :)

  8. mak aii..syoknyer Dubai..cantik2 pulak yg rase nk buat usul kat hubby nih..nk ajak jln2 sana..pas honeymoon dulu2.. xpernah lagi kami p bercuti mana2..huhuhu..

  9. bila tengok gambar aquarium tu... cam takut lak... kot2 pecah... :)

  10. teringin nak pi atlantis.. belum sampai2 lagi.. sangat cantiknya.. ibn battuta mall pu belum sampai..tgk gambar kat sini terus teringin nak pergi.. tapi ikan besar kat atlantis tu dah tak de kan skrg? terlepas lah

  11. m.u.n.i.r.a : bagi la link, bole saya add kat blog list saya. hiihi.. :)

    ibu_arifa: standard la tu, bile dah beranak pinak, masing2 pun sibuk, kena plan betul2 baru dapat g vacation.

    maslinamansor: one of the aquarium, yang dekat mall tu, hah yang tu crack hr tu, hbs banjir. yang dekat atlantis setakat ni ok lg, xde ape2. saya terbayang klu pecah tu, ikan jerung yang besar tu kuar dulu, hahaha..!!

    ummiluqman: mai lah datang. klu nak turun ke dubai tu jgn lupe roger, buleh jumpe. ikan besar kat atlantis ade g rasenye, sebab last week saya bawak auntie saya ade tu. ibn batutta mall tu dah cam rumah ke-2 sebab sekat ngan umah.. hehe.. dtg tau jgn tak dtg. :)


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