What? Ayam Pongteh? Never Heard Of It..

March 23, 2010

I have many recipes but I am so not into writing it in my blog. Why? Sometimes, I forgot to shoot the picture. Most of the times, I remembered only after I ate it. Hihi..

Anyway, before I share the recipe. I'd like to introduce you to a brief legacy of Nyonya cuisine. As suggested by the historical record, when the migrants from China came to Tanah Melayu or Malaya, they brought along with them several culinary styles which familiar to us, Hakka, Foochow, Canton and many others.

One of the cooking style which metamorphosed out of this 'prototypes', which is known today as Nyonya or Peranakan cuisine, which combines the Chinese and Malay flavor. (read more)

Okay, enough chit chat! :) I'm gonna share with you the recipe and how to cook Ayam Pongteh Penang. The prep are easy, the taste.. Hmmm...! If you like the combination of sweet, sour, salty with a hint of spicy chili, then you MUST try this. 

Ayam Pongteh Penang

1 whole chicken (about 1- 1.2kg) cut into desired size
2 medium potatoes, cut into big cubes
3 shallots (medium sizes)*
2 red chilies (more if you desired more spicy flavor)*
*blend the items together
3 tbs of thick dark sweet soy sauce
2 tbs of 'taucu' or salted soy beans
some sugar to taste
some salt to taste
500 ml or 2 cups of tamarind juice
green chili or parsley for garnish

how to cook:

1. Pour about 3 tbs of cooking oil.
2. Saute the blended shallots and chilies.
3. Put in the 'taucu', stir for 2 minutes.
4. Put in the soy sauce.
5. Put in the chicken and stir altogether, until the it all covered.
6. Pour in the tamarind juice, and potatoes.
7. Stir in, and covered the wok. Turn down the heat.
8. Let it simmer for 15 minutes or until the chicken and potatoes is well done.
9. When it's almost done, sprinkle some salt and sugar to taste.
10. Stir altogether, and turn off the heat when it's done.
11. Ready to serve with white rice.

Easy, eh? Why don't you try it.

The recipe is courtesy of my mom's recipe book. (couldn't remember the title)


  1. macam menarik je ni.. next time boleh try. thank you for sharing :)

  2. thanks for sharing resepi senang boleh try nanti :)

  3. nak tgk gamba ayam sebenarnye! nyum nyum :) to try making it is another question! hihi

  4. macam ayam masak asam podas je ni..hehe..anyway..looks..nyum nyum!

  5. senang nmpak cara2 dan bahan2nya..tambah lg koleksi mskn ayam..taklah boring sik mkn masakan yg sama jer kan..

  6. pai..nt klau blk m'sia blh le set up biz katering..tgk apai masak ni..cam teringin je nak rasa..mesti sodap..

  7. Fairus dr keturunan baba nyonya ke? sbb u have the look too.

  8. 1st time dgr nama ayam pongteh ni

  9. ummiluqman: sila2..

    fida: u r welcome!

    syigim: hihihi... it's ok, glad u like the yummy picture.

    anis: memang nampak mcm, but taste as good! :)

    zaiy: mmg senang, dan cepat.

    jesnita: thanks kak! insyallah akan direalisasikan nnti.

    temp.housewife: eh kak, takdelah. keturunan jawa! heheh.. but nenek and moyang on both parents side, chinese.

    Nadiah: ii mule2 dengar pun cam pelik.

  10. sedap nye paiii..terliur aku nengok..nak try la buat nanti

  11. salam...macam sedap ajer ek..nanti bolehlah cuba..

    seronok tenguk tempat-tempat menarik kat situ..tak pergi tak apa..tenguk gambar dah cukup.

  12. lain dari yang lain ni

  13. Waoow enak nih..

    mau mau..

    kirim ya ke indonesia



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