Oh, Fudge! But You Have To See the Dubai World Cup Opening Video!

March 30, 2010

You guys know what happened? My laptop! Something is wrong with the internet connection plug in or something. I can't go online, for a while. Now, I'm using dear Mr. Fadzil's PC which I don't prefer at all (unless in desperate time like this).

To repair it, I don't know when. That's the problem. Anyway, I am so sorry if hadn't been able to 'terjah' all of your blogs for a while, because the PC is in the study room, and if I stay in the study room I can't blog while watching my favourite show, and looking after my kids.

Huh! But I'll try and find some times to 'terjah' too no matter what.

My dear husband is on leave today, after the WORLD CUP in Meydan, being a great success, and he will continue to have a break from this Friday until Sunday. Yeay!

Last saturday, we went to the Dubai World Cup in Meydan. It was awesome! The longest Grandstand in the world is officially opened! Yes I was there! The opening was much, much more grand than the Burj Khalifah's opening. TAK being the company that is behind the success and magnificent project. After 3 years of hard labor, work and toiled, this is the fruit of their labor. And to be more proud my husband is a part of this magnificent project.

The grand opening was awesome! With the non-stop fireworks all the time. I feel like a child again, amazed by the magnificent and stunning events, the fireworks, the show, the building, everything. I can't describe more with words. Just enjoy the video!


  1. best nye.. we all tgk dlm tv je mmg grand sangat meydan ni.. your husband part of meydan? kerja dgn TAK ke? tapi bukan ke malam tu ada earth hour kan? panjang pulak mengomen buat mcm blog sendiri..anyway award tu sama mcm yg paji amik dr syigim... :)

  2. temp.housewife: kaaannnn!!??? :)

    ummiluqman: tak sure la earth hour tu, dah terlepas pandang ke ape ke.. (saya pun tak ingat!) :)

    hubby keje ngan TAK. sejak 4 thn lepas, dari staff TAK tu tak sampai 10 org kat dubai sampai skrg dah dekat 500 org. it's ok komen panjang pun, saya ok je. :)

  3. sian laptop rosak yer..sib baik ada pc hubby..klau tak mo sangap..hehehe

  4. ooo..laptop buat hal yer..harap cepat2 ok lah yer. bestnyer tgk video youtube ni. cantik!

  5. hi fairus!
    best nye boleh ikut hubby duk sane..
    how long u will be staying at Dubai??
    get well soon to ur dear lappy huhuhu :)

  6. bestnya...cantik!

    lappy rosak eh??klu sy bila lappy rosak mahu menangis xhenti2..huhuhu..cpt2 eh repair..bleh update blog byk2 =)


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