Falisha's Belated Birthday Party

April 5, 2010

1 year ago, at this time. I was resting, wearing socks, 'kain batik' and 'bengkung'. Yes, I was in confinement alone, taken care by my dear husband. No, I have nobody from Malaysia coming. Hmm... my mother in-law? Nah, she never travels alone, abroad. My mom? She' teaching. So it's up to us to do everything ourselves. My mom has the utmost confident in me. But that's not the story today. it's about Falisha. She turned one on 17th March 2010. And last Friday was a belated celebration for her.

 Model tayang gaun by 'Papas and Mamas'

sempat kan jugak sesi fotografi 'ala pengantin'

Yeah, I planned it thoroughly. The menu? I made my own specialty which is very rare in Dubai. TAU FOO FA and SATAY. What? Satay? Yes, I made my own satay here in Dubai! I ordered the cake from Dubai's famous baker, FIDA! She made superb homemade cake and cupcakes! Gerenti halal! 

 cake by Fida, cute kan?

exactly like I imagined and told

 Satay buat sendiri

Birthday song singing session

I invited quite a number of guests but it turned out that some of them went back to Malaysia and some with plans. But others showed up and thank you guys! 

 Fida (the baker) and her husband Amran

Adzlin and Bob and Haffiy their son

From left: Jamel, Zamzuri and Amran
The Ras Al Khaimah guest. They drove all the way from there.
Alhamdulillah, the party goes well as we planned. Even the guests are enjoying the satay and tau foo fa. We are honored that the guests came, and enjoyed the food as much as we are enjoying their company.

Even some of our friend, made it at the later hour. That makes us even happier. Don't mind all the tiredness. Having our friends showing no matter what it takes, and the effort they made to showed up, it's an honor.

after party Falisha

 after party the next morning

Well, what say, you guys just enjoy the pictures from the party okay!


  1. best nya....
    mas pun tak sabar nak sambut birthday Danish.... :)

    Mas jeles betul dengan mutu gambar yang awak tangkap tue....

  2. wah..meriahnya besday party falisha...besday party buat kanak2 gembira...mak ayah dpt tumpang makan sekali...=)

  3. happy belated birthday to Falisha. (tak ingat dah wish ke belum). the cake was gorgeous! We also prepared our own satay here. hehe jenuh cari resipi kat internet.

  4. happy belated bday falisha..semoga sihat dan membesar jadi anak yang baik:)

  5. salam..paijj..dapat tak email sy pasal blog logo tu? cuba cek takut masuk spam...

  6. wah. birthday girl comel dengan gaun nyaa...
    dan dpt byk hadiah!

  7. happy belated birthday falisha.... sungguh cumil baju and kek...! :)

  8. happy birthday falisha.. meriahnya besday party dia best tgk :)

  9. haha... what a candid snap on Fida (the baker) and her husband Amran.. cian dia..


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