Look At Us on Blue Outing Day!

April 7, 2010

It's been 6 years, and this year it's going to be 7th year of our marriage. We have 2 kids. 2 lovely and crazy kids. We've been staying in Dubai for 4 years. The whole 4 years, I've been sacrificing the time, my job for my husband so that we can be here together. So, the success of Meydan project means the success of my husband in his job too. So, to celebrate it, the company gave them a short break. On Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. What a break! We had Falisha's birthday party on Friday and more 'jalan-jalan'  on the other 2 days. We went to Dubai Mall for a movie, 'How To Train Your Dragon in 3D' and then photos and  the musical Fountain, what a day!

We barely had a nice family portrait. I loved this picture so much! I think you guys know why. 

'look up!' the best Burj Khalifa pose we ever got!

it reminds me of papparazi shots on hollywood artists.. hah!

Look at the beautiful mist dancing on the water

You guys should how pretty it is at night


  1. huhuhu 1st pic tu nangis tgk..lawo sgt2...

  2. lovely daughters!
    I wished to hv one soon :)

  3. cutenye 1 whole family pakai baju ala2 ada theme with the sky.

  4. mummy dasy : thanks! :)

    mommy nadia : thanks, hope u will get soon, i plak nak boy sorang.

    mama miya: tulah, kebetulan and memang susah nak dapat that shot.

  5. i suka suma pakai kaler white-biruuuuu!!!! hihi...

    falisha is soooo cute!!! i suka assemble baju dia ;)

    sigh...family potrait yg loving n ceria really can make one sebak.. sob sob stay that way forever yah! :))

  6. awesome photos! pernah pergi masa mlm ke tengok fountain tu?

  7. suka tgk gambar yg 1st tu :)nice shoot

  8. oooo ade gak fountain time siang eh. igt mlm je.. :D hehe tp skang ni lagu dia dah xbest la.. awal2 dulu lagu2 dia mmg menghebatkan lagi fountain yg sedia hebat tu @.@

  9. kat mana location amik gambar yg
    1st tu.. amat cantik.. mmg strategic..nanti kalau ada peluang nak melawat burj khalifa waktu siang pulak

  10. lawa lak kak gmba yg 1st tu...santai abis...

    *nak2 guna dslr ye x?

  11. apai..cantiknye pic Burj Khalifa tu..suma pun blue sama dgn awan..ish! shoot sgt2 cantekkkkkkk..frame besar2 Pai..great happy family moment sungguh!

    kak izza/ibuHanna


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