Do You Scraps?

April 14, 2010

What kind of question is that? To some people it may sounds offensive. "Who do you think I am?"  

Hahaha.. I didn't mean it like that. Scrapping or scrapbooking digitally is very famous now a days. I am one of the fan of digital scrap booking. 

 example of scrapping materials
So what is it, really? According to wikipedia, SCRAPBOOKING is a method for preserving personal and family history in the form of photographs, printed media, and memorabilia contained in decorated albums, or scrapbooks. The idea of keeping printed materials of personal interest probably dates to shortly after the invention of printing. This trend is probably similar for photographs. 

Marielen Christensen of Spanish Fork, Utah is often credited with reviving interest in scrapbooking in the United States. She began designing creative pages for her family's photo memories, inserting the completed pages into sheet protector collected in 3 rings binder. By 1980, she had assembled over fifty volumes and was invited to display them at the World Conference on Records in Salt Lake City. Marielen and her husband AJ authored and published a how-to book, Keeping Memories Alive, and opened a scrapbook store in 1981 that remains open today.

'Scrappers' or 'scrapbookers' usually get together to scrapbook at each others home, local book stores or maybe a convention.

I am proud to admit, I am a 'scrappers'! I scraps almost everything. Besides scrapping the photos for memories keeping, I did my own layout. My own BLOG LAYOUT. Good eh? I loved spending hours in front of the computer putting together all the nice scrap tit-bits altogether to get an awesome looking blog! (awesome to me at least, I don't care if other people think it's not awesome, but at least I scrapped it myself) I used the Photoshops CS3 to make my own layout (yes the one you see now in my blog, hehehe).

To begin scrapping, you must have a collection pf digital scrapbook materials, look at this girls web,  
You can search for more web on scrappings material. But this is among the places you can find free materials. Feel free to look around and try to get the hang of it.

So this is the beginning of creating an awesome looking blog for u guys. I'll share more tips in my next posting.


  1. rajinnya.. memasak la, dgn scrapping ni la.. wah tabik spring lah.berapa lama bole design satu blog layout ni?

  2. pai, aku pun wat background sendiri.. hehe..

  3. ummiluqman:
    hehehe... saje suke2. sambil polish skill. hmm depends la, design camne. sebab saya tak handal lagi ngan photoshop. yang basic2, tgh belajar lagi ni..

    kdang2 it took the whole day,(sebb berenti2 buat keje lain dulu).

    Mommy Marissa: tulah, aku notice. :)

  4. ada ambik tempahan tak? hehe mcm tak reti nak buat sendiri.

  5. i want to DIY too!!! but just dont have d patience! previous wallpaper (yg dah terdelete) pun my younger sisters yg 'scrap' - diorang tu rajin la n talented like you,fairus!

    thanks for sharing the link. i nk godek2 la sat..

  6. wow..buat layout sendiri?nanti ajar eh macmana nak masukkan design kita as background tu :)

  7. pelajaran baru ni pada wdh.baik nak usha2 ne :)

  8. temp.housewife: klu mau boleh aje. let's talk 'privately' hehehe...

    syigim: jomla! memg best tau! kite bole buat ikut personaliti kite. and the BEST thing of all, lain dr org lain.. sbb majoritinye amik or download dr the regular website, or just pakai yang sedia ade dalam blogspotnye..

    thanks for the compliment! u too are talented in ur own way. :)

    catlina: sure! i akan share step by step 'how-to' after this.

    nmmy84: jom wadah! best tau, mau jatuh cinta. ko tgk akak cukup la.

  9. suka tgk scrapbook tapi tak pandai nak buat sendiri. tak berseni pun..tak cantik je tgk hasil sendiri..huhu. tapi tgk org lain buat cantik je

  10. salam..Happy birthday buat Falisha..kesiannya kamu kena berpantang kat sana ..tak apalah kan..

    cantiknya kek yang fida buat..kelakar tenguk fida menganga makan satay. rajin sungguh kamu membuatnya.

  11. paijj, me dah download juga....seronok tgk byk template cantik2 :) nanti nak wat scrapbook utk photobook e-ein :)

  12. nadiah: sis, sebb saya minat kot. but klu u nak men'try' insyaallah lama2 ok.

    kak ina: thank u so much! :)

    catlina: best kaann!?

  13. fairus..cayalah..nanti senang ajar fida ek..nak gak tau camner nak tukar layout tu..nanti kita buat shooting sama2 with our toys :)

  14. jemput ambil award di blog sy ye :)

  15. ingat kecik2 dulu cikgu suruh wat buku skrap :)

  16. wah..terima kasih..sbenarnyer mmg saya nak tanya akak dlm bab ni, nak tanya cam ne nak design background blog sendiri mcm akak jgk, berapa pulak,size utk 3 colloum (antara side colloum dan kolom yg tgh tu) dan cam ne nak up load ke dlm blog kita nnt.

    saya pun baru ;agi dlm photoshop dan blog ni.. tp mmg minat nak belajar benda2 gini..TUNJUK AJAR KU SIFU!!

  17. tq kak for sharing..^__^ sy mmg minat wat scrap book x try lg..mayb i'll wait for ur complete tutorial entry ^__^

  18. saya pon minat gak. tapi cam tak sempat nk buat dan kat sini ssh nak cari material yang cantik2 tuk scrapping. nak buat digital cam tak minat sangat...
    tp mmg cantik aa layout kak fairus.


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