With This Ring I Me Wed

April 21, 2010

I was making sandwich for my babies lunch when I saw this drama on TV. 

'I Me Wed'

The title and the plot, is enough to make me weep! Plus, it's funny, hilarious and not to forget the moral of the story.

It's about Isabel, a successful unmarried woman who is not that young (she is infact 30), that had a pressure from people around her about getting married. The pressure goes on until the evening of her friend's bridal shower, and she decided to marry herself. She said, "Why I can't just be happy with myself, without a boyfriend or getting married?" and one of her friend said, "Why don't you marry yourself?" she smiled and said she would do it. Assuming she was joking, no one bother about it until her story was written in a Boston Daily Buzz, a blog that tells women what to do and everything. The moment her story being picked up by them, the whole country talks about it.

It's not a problem until she met Collin and she likes him. What planned as a small symbolic ceremony turned out to be a fully sponsored big wedding, and Collin found out about it when he saw Isabel on a talk show.

The point is, this kind of pressure happened to many women this days. If you're not married, you won't be happy. When a woman reach certain age and she doesn't show any signs of having a boyfriend or getting married people will start asking around, "Bila nak kawin?" That kind of question, usually makes a woman crazy! Do we have to get married because someone expects you to? Or you want to get married because you found the right person to spend your life with? Choose either one. 

I think I know what my baby sister going through. I do understand how it feels.

To me as long as you're happy and you know how to take care of yourself, be a good daughter and that's enough. But what makes it worst are the parents itself. Most of the time, parents put the most pressure to the daughter. In this case, as a daughter we have to learn to handle it wisely. If you're not ready to get married, sit down with your parents and talk politely. Don't hurt their feelings. If you're getting married for them, what's left for you?

Think about it.


  1. rite..after we married, the question will change into " bila nk ada baby.."..for me, marriage is for a lifetime..and really wish will still be with my beloved husband even in the afterlife..^__^

  2. great posting, fairus! enjoyed it. my eldest kawin awal jgk, n they start to worry about me when i was just 23! my tokcik, and a couple of aunties actually match-made me with few guys psl risau i xde bf :P

    last2 mr khairul jgk yg dpt haha ;)

  3. ms belum kahwin mmg letih tau nak menjwb bila org tny bila nak kawin? rsnya majoriti kaum hawa dihujani dgn soalan yg sama selagi belum kahwin..nak2 umur nak dekat 30. tp kesian jgk tau..tmbh2 dekat kwn2 yg dh sampai umur 30an tp tak kahwin2 lg..pastu org duk tanya je bila nak kahwin. benda tu jd pressure la jgk. bknnya dia tak nak kahwin..dh jodoh belum sampai, nak buat mcm mana..

  4. kesian tau kat women yg dlm this kind of pressure. zaman skrg mmg ramai wanita yg cari kejayaan hidup dulu sblm nk bagi commitment dalam marriage.tp betul cakap awak, mmg kena bincang elok2 dgn parents if tak bsedia lagi. hati diorg mmg kena jaga.

  5. betul2... kahwin tak boleh dipaksa. Takut kecewa dikemudian hari.

  6. ye mmg sangat bosan dan letih tuk menjawap.
    tapi alhamdllh la sbb mak abah n adik beradik tak bg tekanan langsung.

  7. saya kawin waktu umur 30 tahun. for me, jodoh pertemuan di tgn Allah toksah bimbang.. yang penting doa. dan sebelum kawin tu adalah masa untuk enjoy life with your friends and family - travelling etc..

  8. ..pastu bila dah kawin..orang tny bila nak dapat anak?
    bila dah ada anak..orang tanya lg,bila nak tambah?lol

  9. ada kwn2 satu tempat kerja dulu, kiranya pangkat kakak2 la. selalu tengok diaorg kena pressure lps tu selalu juga dengar rintihan hati diaorg. jd sy sendiri faham kalau yg lambat kawin ni, ada mcm2 sbb seperti ada komitmen lain, belum ada jodoh, yg berkenan kat diaorg tu lelaki2 tak guna (yg jenis nak tumpang bini lps kawiin-apa kes?).

  10. Salam...terbang ke sini reading ur n3...:-)

  11. lehhcomel: memang..hope so.

    syigim: see lambat sikit, dapat yang baik2. untung mrlkhairul!

    nadiah: memang kan..? i kesian org yang lambat bertemu jodoh ni. to me, biar lambat as long as jumpe yag baik2.

    mila_ibu najihah: me too.. i pun kesian ngan diorg, sebb bukan saje2 tak mau kawin, tak jumpe yang baik.

    maslinamansor: kontrak seumur hidup, mana bole cam gitu ye tak?

    husna: memang letih!

    ummiluqman: even lambat, but klu u jumpe somebody yang elok, it's worth the wait! :)

    Diyana Zulkifli: mulut org memg la.. sibuk je hal org.. (khasnye org melayu kite yg tak tau ape masalahnye..?)

    temp.housewife: tu lg satu kenapa kadang2 buat pompuan tak kuasa nakkawin. lelaki skrg majoriti nye dayus la.. buat cam git ye tak?

    E-na Zarina: Salam, thanks for dropping by and reading my entry. drop by often ye?! :)


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