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April 30, 2010

Hihihi... if CATLINAFLY is reading this, I AM SO SORRY!!!! 

I asked CATLINA to make me a banner or sticker or something for me. Ngeeee...!! I'm supposed to put it on my blog like a few weeks ago.. (or is it months?) Anyway, look on the right of this blog. Did you see it? I bet you saw that.

Well she made that for me! Thanks Catlina! It is so cute! So, what are you waiting for, stick this link on your blog, ok!?

Catlina is from OUR BUNDLE OF JOY, we met online after I saw her promotion of Photobooks. Which was awesome! She's a mommy like me, but she has a special something. She's a talented photographer and has her own online 'KEDAI GAMBAR KAMI' that provides various photo services, including the making of photobooks.

Besides that, she has the talent and can make a nice sticky banner or something that she made for me, (of course, with a charge). Nice, isn't it!

So, feel free to click the link to her place! 

So, PEACE OUT!  *wink*


  1. already put the code on my blog..and its very cute ^__^

  2. jemput ambil 'mommies blogger award' di blog sy :)

  3. dtg menjenguk :) thanks for the promo paijj :)

  4. Pai.. aku dah tepek kat blog aku.. nti aku pun nak wat la.. senang je nak buat blog button nih..


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