Freezing the Dolphin in Musandam, Oman

May 9, 2010

Finally, Mr. Fadzil decided to take us on a trip to Musandam, Oman. I am so happy that I was smiling all day. It was postponed a few times, a things didn't go as planned. But who cares we are going!

Friday, 7.45am.

We left home at this hour and began our journey to Musandam. I was told it took around 4 hours to get there. We drove to RAK and surprisingly reached there in less than an hour. Then we drove further more for 30 minutes and arrived at the immigration to stamp our passport, pay the fees for visa and insurance. (read more..about Musandam and Dolphins)

on our way after we passed RAK

almost at the border

macam tau je orang tengok dia

After we're settled, finally it's Oman! And there's about 30km more until we reach Khasab, the place where we supposed to find a travel agent and find a dhow for the ride.

officially in Oman!

Along the way, the scenery was BEAUTIFUL! Subhanallah, is all I can say when I see it. Being a 'photo freak' now, I took out my camera, equipped with my new 18-200mm lense which can zoom further, I started shooting. I can feel the adrenalin pumping when we passed the dramatic view of the seaside road, and rocky mountains.

 after check-point

along the way

believe me, this rocky mountain road is 'bengkang bengkok'

And, finally after 3 hours drives we're in Khasab! It's not 4 hours, it's 3 hours. I didn't even notice how time flies. We passed by a Al-Maha gas station, and at the opposite of the road, there's a row of small buildings. Well, there's our travel agents. Mr.Fadzil went to check it out, while I stayed with the kids. He went to Al-Noor travel agents that provide a good package with a reasonable price, just have to wait and see how is the service.

the travel agents offices..??

He came back after 20 minutes and said, 'Okay, it's done. We have to be here at 1.15pm.' Yippee!!! I ask him which travel agent did he go, he said the 1st one. He paid Dhs150 per adult, for a half day ride, with no meal, for 4 hour. The kids are free!

kat jeti nak naik bot

the other family

photographer nak posing jugak

the best shot ever!

more dolphin

The dhow is small, but not too small, it's comfortable. A kind of low, that you almost can touch the water if you bent down at the boat edges. The advantage is, you can experience the sea, and looking at the dolphin in much clearer view. Well compare to the big high dhow, I guess we made a great choice by taking this travel agent with this dhow.

And the captain, he knows where to look for dolphins. As if it's not enough, he knew how to attract the dolphins, by whistling to them. So, the dolphins end up racing, and jumping side by side of our dhow. And other boats followed us wherever we go. That was so awesome!

Along the way, I enjoy the wind, and beautiful nature of the sea, rock and birds. Ya, Allah memang cantik sangat! We saw a small group of houses on one of the island, and he said, that's a village. There's about 10 families staying there, and the only thing that they are supplied with is electricity. The water? They have to buy it from Khasab, in mainland. I wonder how can they survive in the secluded area that is almost disconnected to the world.

Once they spotted the dolphins, my adrenalin started pumping too. I was so excited, so is Mr.Fadzil and the kids! We were like, 'aarrgghhh!!!! Dolphins! Come one, shoot it! Yeaahhh!!! I got it.' I know, I sound like a mad person, but what the heck, it's the adrenalin talking! :)

I shot, and shot! It was awesome. It is so satisfying when you review the pictures and I managed to FREEZE the dolphins, while they are jumping! I am so happy! My practice is paying, and all my hardwork resulted in all this pictures.

They stop at this one big rock where other dhows stop, for snorkeling and 'mandi-mandi'. It was magnificent! The water is green and clear. You can almost see the fish swimming around. And the boys that ride with us start jumping into the water. Yeah, I almost forgot, we ride the dhow with a group of Dubai's local family. I loved looking at them, what they do, what they wear, just to entertain myself all the way.

orang kementerian pelancongan Oman, buat show

i loved the green sea colour

after swimming

on way back to mainland

We headed back to the mainland after all the excitement. My babies were sound asleep all the way back. I bet they too had too much excitement, that they were drowned in their sleep.


  1. Subhanallah..cantiknya laut tu..and I admired the dolphins' snap. Excellent job Paij!=)

  2. bestnya! hari tu duk baca post syigim & ummiluqman citer psl dolphin jgk..teringin rasa nak ke sana! gmbr dolphin tu mmg cantik la..super nice shot!

  3. amazingly..great job!
    nice shot too
    teringin gak nak time bolehlah join

    singgah blog ya ambil award pro memasak :)

  4. salam, mmg breathtaking semua gambar-gambarnya. seronok boleh capture gambar2 yg cantik camtu :)

  5. i LOVE your review!

    n gamba dolphin satu lagi tu pun cun gile! mcm submarine br nk naik/tenggelam!

    sigh....we're sooo lucky kan fairus. don't need to go to europe to enjoy scenery yg lawa gile!

  6. anis: memang, all the way i memang ucap subhanallah aje.. sebab cantik sgt!

    nadiah: u should come! mmg best sgt!

    fida: thanks! mmg fida, kena pegi. tak payah tunggu kitaorg pun bole pegi. tapi nak pegi saing2 pas ni pun lg best.

    mila: thanks! i baru start, but syukur sgt all the hardwork dah membuahkan hasil yang mcm ni.

    syigim: THANK U! mmg we're so lucky sebb dapat experience all this without costing so much money and travel to europe kan?

    ha ah, i main continuous snap aje, sebb diorg ni laju and unpredictable, alhamdulillah, i managed to capture it! my personal favorite pun yg tu!

  7. wa, gambar dolphins cantinyer..! :)

  8. agreed with everybody..pic dolphin sgt cantik..laut pon same..nice capture sis..

    sungguh indah kejadian Allah kan.. Subhanallah

  9. canteknye..walapun nmpk kering tmpt tu..laut dia cantek2 sgt2..teringin gak nak ke sana..;)

  10. besnyeee jalan2.. cantik sungguh tempat2 tu...

    dh lame dh tak jalan2... kena tunggu si kenit2 ni mbesar sikit... kakak dh besar sikit.. nti si adik lak masih kecik... sabar jelah....
    i sgt teringin utk ke pulau... huhu

  11. catlina: mmeang kan?

    mas: tulah, cantik kan tempat tu?

    diyana zulkefli: tulah, macam ternganga kejap tgk tempat cantik.

    yana: totally! thanks!

    Mommy Nadia: middle east, mmg kering, tapi this part of oman mg cantik.

    lailasani: bole je nak jalan, bawak je. kitaorg ni bawak je si kecik ni naik flight, balik kampung, jenjalan sakan while we're in malaysia, and round all over UAE bile ade peluang. :)

  12. Salam kenal, Subahanallah very nice view! love it very much.

  13. gambar2 yg cantik, puas dpt tgk gambarpun jadilah..he.he..

  14. salam...first time masuk blog ni.cantik gambar-gambar tu.indah sungguh ciptaan Allah...

    teringin nak pegi Oman,Dubai one day nanti...insyaAllah.

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