To Cook and Be Creative

May 21, 2010

We're attending a BBQ party this evening, hosted by Mr. Fadzil's friends as a farewell party to some of them that will be leaving Dubai soon. I think and I think hard. What should I bring to this party? Yeah, you can't come to a party empty-handed, right? (if I am a host, I didn't mind, because I loved to cook and have people coming and eat)

 fresh strawberries always end up in my tummy

As summer is approaching, I have to think of something cold to serve. Not frying or baking, will make you feel really hot just by hanging over the stove. Huh! Well this is really challenging. I googled, and got inspired by many recipes for summer desserts, which included berries. Any berries. Oh, I forgot to tell you guys I'm bringing desserts and cold salad. And the party is hosted by a group of budak bujang so, faham-faham la kan? Just to make sure I bring something decent that will complete the barbeque party. 
So, to actually follow the theme, BBQ/barbeque, I created a cold salad inspired by some of my favourite food. A mix of chicken, lychee, pineapple, bell peppers and celery. And guess the dressing! BBQ SAUCE and mayonnaise! It is named Chicken BBQ Salad. This will complete the barbeque platters.
To sweetened the taste at the end of the meal, I inspired myself with the summer desserts theme. My favourite, STRAWBERRY! To put some Malays taste in it, and mixed it all together, I made a special puding jagung the recipes are modified with my own special mix. And I made a special cream strawberry sauce to complete the pudding. I add some tangy taste in the sauce that taste heavenly with the cream and hint of vanilla altogether.
It's been quite sometimes since I last inspired myself like this. I surprised myself, over how far I can go in creating recipes of my own. Because to me, being a cook not just about finding recipes and cook. But how your taste buds play with all the taste, and when you closed your eyes, you get the pictures and ideas and how to create a new taste that even you, yourself will get surprised by it.
Some people have a creative side on writing, sewing, arts and crafts. But this is me. This is how I expressed myself.

So, how do you get creative?


  1. woh..description tu sangat terliur...kalau letak gambar, mau banjir blog ni...hehehe

  2. bestnyee....meleleh air liur..huhuhu..

    lama xjenguk sini..

    btw, xsuke strawberry, tp xtau nape skrg ska pic strawberry ..HEHEHEH

  3. wow fairus! u dah mcm julia child! tantalizing description & u whet the appetite of your readers with ur words!!!

  4. alamak sedapnye akak describe..kalo ltk pic sure meleleh org lain then add on the recipes lagi besttttt :P


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