Falling in Love with Magnolia

June 7, 2010

I am a fast walker if you must know. That is the reason why Mr. Fadzil always get left behind. He kept complaining every time. That's what happened when I was heading to Bloomingsdale. I don't know whether you guys are aware or not. What's in there? This is where I 'fall in love' all over again..

As Sheikh Mohammed was moved by Carrie Bradshaw, he wants a RED VELVET cupcake too! As the results, today, New York's most beloved MAGNOLIA BAKERYBloomingsdale, Dubai Mall, was officially opened in February 2010. Located in it is consider a really big step for them as the three and only branches they have (present) is in Manhattan. 

It's just a small shop inside Bloomingsdale BUT, with variety of choices, such as home-baked treats as buttercream-topped cupcakes, old-fashioned banana pudding, and its southern-inspired “hummingbird cake”. I'm willing to walk just across the mall to get 4 cupcakes. After tasting it, I decided, I loved the 'Vanilla cupcake with Cheese Cream Toppings'. And another one, the 'Red Devil' cupcake. It tasted so heavenly, yummy!

If you want to find this store, you have to follow the directions to Bloomingdales and 'On The Top of The Burj' which are on the ground floor same floor as the Musical Fountain, but inside. You will see The Magnolia Bakery exactly at the entrance of Bloomingsdale. The first thing you see is the counter, simply decorated with soft colour and of course stacks of cupcakes and puddings in the glass window display.

at the counter

 tempting, yummy cupcakes


'the fans' are waiting...

'yeah, make it four. this and that and those..'

'we got our cupcakes, let's go!'

devishly yummy, Red Devil Cupcake!

Vanilla cupcake with cream cheese and lemon toppings!
So, for all cupcakes fan out there! If you're feeling like a cup cupcakes, why don't you head down to Magnolia Bakery in Dubai Mall and indulge yourself with a heavenly tasty cupcakes that guarantee to have your eyes closed when you put it in your mouth. It's where I fall in love, again..


  1. Malaysia tak dak ka... :)

  2. maslina: setakat ni lom ada lagi..

  3. 1) i havent gone to bloomingdale & i wanna go!!!

    2) geramnye tgk kedai ni...sweet gile!

    3) i LOVE ur close up of the red devil! :P nyummmm (again, all the shots are so nice, fairus. good job!)

  4. pernah mas tengok kat rancangan chef wan, rasanya kat london. Ada juga cupcakes cam nie...

  5. wadah: mmg besst!

    syigim: i suke sgt setting and deco kat bloomingsdale tu.. sesuwaiii sangat magnolia bakery tu diletak kat situ.

    maslina: ha ah, but that one another famous tokey cupcake kat London, magnolia is from NYC.

  6. heheh jauhnye nak gi Dubai if teringin nak makan cuppies cmtu..hehhehe tulaa msia xde kalo x for sure hari-hari buat site visit kt situ :)


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