Concert and Graduation : Tale of Tini Tots!

June 9, 2010

Tini :  Ummi, Miss Alvita said, I have to bring a plain shirt and a black legging.
Me :  Why do you need the legging?
Tini : There will be a concert, and I will dance like this, (moving her hands like an Egypt dancer while singing 'zing, zing, zang)
Me :  Okay. 
Since last month, she's been telling me that the teacher told all the students, to get a plain shirt or tops and leggings for girls. Because they are going to perform a dance and singing.  Everyday, I will hear her sing that song and dance. Sometimes I overheard her practicing her speech, and she will smiled and stop practicing when ever she noticed I heard her. Hmm... 'pandai segan jugak ye..' 

Finally, the day is here! I watched her practice, singing and dancing and telling her activities everyday. And today is the day. What day? Oh, yeah! I forgot. It's Tini's Graduation Day! 

Today, marked the official day she graduates from Foundation Stage (FS) (macam Tadika kat Malaysia la... sebelum masuk darjah satu), so that after this she can join the Primary Level which starts at Grade 1. Here in Dubai, all expatriates children goes to International School. So is Tini. At the age of 4, they start at Foundation Stage 1 (FS1) and finishes at Foundation Stage 2 (FS2).

Before I get on the story. Some info for you guys out there. The international schools here, starts their Autumn Semester (kalau kat malaysia, start awal tahun..) in September after long hot Summer Break. Kids who wants to attend the school on certain grade have to be at the right age by the March of that year. For example: FS1 (Foundation Stage 1), the child must be 4 years old by March of 2010 if they want to start at September 2010. So, by the age 6, they already in Grade 1 (darjah 1). The syllabus in most school here are based on UK (United Kingdom) syllabus. Oh yeah, Tini's school is using the UK syllabus. Uhuh? Yes, her school name is  Winchester School.

Now back to our story.

The ceremony was simple. They grouped the children according to their classes. Tini's class was scheduled at 10 - 11am. I took the liberty to order 50 pieces of colourful decorated cookies from Fida, but pity the kids, I found out that food are not allowed in school because they are afraid of any food allergy among the kids. Ok, their lost then. Hehhe.. *wink*.

the arrival with box of cookies made by Fida

 parents taken their seats

 the welcome sign

 'come on la Tini, smile!'

'A wee bit more, Tini.'

'now why aren't you moving like everybody else?'

 Me and Falisha ended up sitting on the floor as everybody start
standing up and blocking our view

They started by performing the concert. The dance, singing, which was very entertaining and all of them looked so cute! Now I see the fruit of her practice. The zing, zang dance. They sang a few familiar song which I learned myself long time ago when I was in the kindergarten. It brought good memories.. suddenly.

After the singing and dancing, they went back to their class to change into uniform for the certificate give-away ceremony. While waiting, we were entertained by the kids from the other class that already had their concert the day before.

'when can I join them?'

After 10 minutes Tini and her friend came back and went to the stage again. This time in a school uniform. And handmade graduation cap, and a simple satin black robe (bole la kan, graduation budak2). Looking so cute! They sang a graduation song and finally the certificate give-away. It's not like our graduation day, but it's the most important day of her life. I don't care what other people think. Mr.Fadzil took a half day off from work just to attend her 'historic day'

Mikhail, class speaker.

'Mikhail is my partner.' said Tini.

Her class teacher, Miss Alvita.
Thank You, so much!

cookies by Fida. Love you Fida, thank you so much,
sebab willing amik order saya last minute! 

As her parents, we're so proud with her achievement this year. She can read and count (mostly english, a wee bit Malay), she can recite the Arabic letters, can recite Al-fatihah and Doa Makan (boleh la kan, duduk oversea, belajar ngaji pun Ummi je ajar, xde kelas special). She has the effort to learn, and very curious. I started teaching her a basic Arabic as she has the interest to learn it. We hope she will do better this new semester no matter where she is. And also, I prayed that she will be a good girl, daughter and sister. Amin!


  1. bestnyer..siap ade graduation tu.. mesti tini seronok kan??sekolah kat sane slalu wat function ek...

    pai...can u help me wif my blog...try nak tukar template baru tp x jadi je..end up..aku amik yg sedia ade dlm blog jer..

    can u help me???? please..nak gak blog yg cantik...CAM BLOG KO...

  2. Fairus -Event macam kita selaku parent harus pergi..anak2 bangga tengok mak ayah ada sekali...

  3. pai, sedapnye kukis tu.. nak sket..

  4. plus!!!! a good wife too... :)

  5. mama dhia: ha ah, sini mmg camtu. and most parents mmg dedicated. sure can..! nnti kite cerite belakang ye.. (pastu leh belanja aku makan ekk, time aku balik.

    lina: of course! rugi tak dtg kan? majoriti malaysian kat sini, yg dtg mommy je, daddy selalu tak dtg pun. luckily my hubby is a very concerned daddy.

    puan seri: kannn??? mmg tempting tau! kawan aku buat. aku tempah aje.. :)

  6. cute gile gamba tini ramai2 colorful tu.. :) hmm logic jgk psl allergy tp rugilah kan! xfun lah. kalo bday budak tu n mommy dia bwk kek camne kan?

    so sweet la fadzil. i make sure khairul pun amik halfday! hihi...sblom spm ke, grad uni, inilah their biggest education milestone kan!

  7. sgt terliur melihat itu cookies! nomm nommm nomm..

    tini dah grad.. pastuh ummi bg cuti balik mesia. yeay!

  8. si adik tu kemen tekun menengok kakaknye kat pentas.huhu.shian adek..nak join gak tu kak.huhu

  9. apai..aku nak blajar tukar tulisan lat blog..leh ajar tak??

  10. syigim: thank you! mmg kan, all my friends cakap fadzil is so sweet to take a special halfday utk tini. and u should! rugi tau when u missed all this cute special moments. :)

    Mama Dhatt: memang kan. nyum, nyum! kitaorg menghitung hari ni.. hr ahad ni dah terbang dah..

    nmmy84: klu tak dipegang mmg pun wdah. seb baek die menari kat bawah tu je..

    mama dhia: sure can! :)

  11. tini comel...congrats yea!
    mana tumpahnya kuah..ummi dulu masa sekolah pun suke gak perform esp during english day (wed).

  12. rozie: thank U!! ha ah kan choral speaking.. masa aku dah form 4 dulu pun still join, form 5 training budak junior. masa part time jadi guru sandaran sebelum keje dulu, pun training anak murid choral speaking, sekolah tu tak penah menang.. menang tahun tu..!! good memories betul!


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