Grilling It at Stonegrill

June 12, 2010

Have you ever been through a situation when you're ordering a steak, you didn't get the right, desired taste of your steak? When you asked for medium rare, but it's not according to your 'medium rare'? Yes, I've been through that, alright! And suddenly, you wished that you can cook you're own steak without the hassle of preparing everything. Just cook and eat!

In Stonegrill, yes! You can cook it yourself! Last night Mr.Fadzil took me to the STONEGRILL in Sheikh Zayed Road. Located exactly at the Gold and Diamond Park, the same row where you can see all the car showroom, you can park easily just behind the building at the designated area. It's my first time there, and second time for him. He likes it so much he intended to come again.

 located exactly at the Gold and Diamond Park

what you see once you entered

 I like this look and feeling

It's a cozy restaurant with a classic and dimmed lighted. With framed pictures of all Hollywood actors hanged around the wall, I felt like I am at a local restaurant somewhere in Montana. Before that Mr.Fadzil been talking about that restaurant like everyday since his friend took him there. He told me that he never noticed that restaurant before, eventhough we've passed by that restaurant everytime we're on Sheikh Zayed Road. I said, "I've noticed it, dear." he smiled. But I never really knew what's really happening in there.

There are two types of food here, ala-carte or stone-grilled. Which means, you get to cook you're own steak. Or if you rather get a ready cooked steak you can just go for the ala-carte. What's the point of coming here if I'm having the readu steak? So, as a 'lamb fans', I ordered a set of 200gm lamb chop. With mashed potato and mint sauce.

 what we had while waiting the 'batu panas' to come.

our bip or apron (sort of)

While waiting for the our 'batu' to come, they prepare a large bip for each of us. Frankly I am excited to experience the cooking that have made Mr.Fadzil talking about it for weeks!

demonstration by the waitress

my turn!

After 15 minutes, here they come! A piping hot stonegrill on a long oval plate. With all the sides and sauce ready. The waitress quickly demonstrate the cooking method, and how we can decide how we'd like it. Well, this is gonna be fun!

 almost done!

my medium rare is ready!

There we go, the cooking-on-the-table session. The 'zing' sound really makes my tummy grumble. But the 'cons' is, you will have all the fat 'splattered' all over the table. Tini has been complaining about the fat 'terpercik' on her hand and said that she smelled like a lamb now. Hahahaha...! Next time you have to sit a bit further from me, okay!? :)

 tini had 'finger fish and fries'

how the grill stone look like. I was told by Mr.Fadzil,
it's granite.

The smiling Mr.Fadzil, asked me, "Best tak?" "Eh, of course! It's fun!" We had a great time grilling the steak to our perfection and eat it straight away! 


mint sauce, perfect match for the lamb chops!

It's really and unforgettable experience. I enjoyed it, my tummy full! (luckily I came with a hungry tummy) I loved the juicy taste of hot lamb chop I grilled myself. Not everybody knew this, but when you eat lamb chops, the perfect match is the mint sauce. It helps you savor the juicy lamb taste and at the same time it helps reduce the smell. 

the face of 'perut kenyang'!

 wall full of framed pictures of Hollywood stars

my empty plate (tinggal tulang je)

Awwhhh... when you're full. Of course you're happy! 

If you feel like experiencing it, why don't you go to STONEGRILL I promise you it taste better than any steakhouse here in Dubai, plus you get to grill it yourself!


  1. wahhh...environment nampak best...dan paling penting dapat masak ikut suka hati...bestnya..malaysia tak de ker? hehe

  2. fairus, bestnye!!!!!! i'm a lamb-chop freak too!!! and been looking for a good place to have good lambchop kat dubai. bestnye, siap bole grill sendiri....but i doubt can do it if i bring the boys. maybe khairul has to keep an eye, biar i je yg grill hihihihi

    if xde optionlain, maybe nk ajak khhairul dtg sini jelah for my bday kan kan kan... hihihii..

    and i LOVE the frame penuh kat wall tu...cantik sgt. dah le wall dia kuning! hihi...

  3. kancilbiru: tulah, masak ikut sedap kite. tak tau la kat malaysia ade ke tak.. (wondering)

    syigim: kaaannnnn!!! sedap lamb-chop die! maybe sebab kite grill sendiri to our taste, all the side dish die dah siapkan, makan plak panas2 straight away, mmg ter'angkat' beb! yeah, u guys bole jugak macam tu. have to put the kids and all your stuff, jam semua a bit further, klu tak merecik2. habis penuh lemak. masak pun tak lama, dalam 10,15 minutes tops.

    frame to mmg nostalgia, gamba dah la hitam putih.

  4. ini kat johor ada satu. kat kl xjumpa lagi. bestnyaaa...

  5. wah best ni..tak pernah lagi pergi rest yg grill sendiri heheh thanks for sharing info

  6. kat m'sia de gak pai..aku penah tengok dalam x ingat kat ne...hehehehe...


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