As I am Writing This..

June 13, 2010

As I am writing this, there's a few minutes left before we leave home. I felt like needles and pins in my tummy. maybe from the feeling that I had when thinking about leaving my dear husband for almost 2 months. Of course he'll come to us in Malaysia, but in August. 

At the same time, I can't wait to see the face of the loved ones waiting for us in the airport. The warmth hugs from my parents and sisters. The smell of my parents home. The good smell of home sweet home.

This is my last post before departing from Dubai at 6.35pm, local time. We'll be flying in MAS and arrived (safely I hope) at 6.00 am Malaysia time.

Pray for our safe journey and we'll meet again as soon as I arrived and safely settled.


  1. la...balik malaysia ke? nak ikut jugak..! huhu..

  2. safe journey, dear. tini, falisha - jaga ummi elok2! kang dlm plane ummi nangis teringatkan baba...hihi..

  3. yeah...dah pulang..pasti seronok jumpa family members..Take care dear.

  4. Selamat pulang ke Malaysia... :)


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