When Travelling With Them.. ALONE!

June 17, 2010

Yes, I hope you could imagine it. A few days ago, I went through it and survived! 

Since Mr.Fadzil decided not to come with us in this journey, I've been thinking and wondering how am I supposed to handle my kids alone. With Tini, a 5 year old, it's not a problem. A leash should settle everything. And an eye on her all the time. 

while Mr.Fadzil is checking in for us

But with my delar, dear Falisha, which is her 2nd journey on a plane and 1st time for me, with her being able to walk..NOW.. it's like a nightmare that won't END! I bought a special body leash for her. Instead of hand, like Tini had. It's safer for me and her.

 the body leash for Falisha

Mr. Fadzil went in and helped us with the luggage, 2 bags and 1 IKEA moving box. Which are filled with goodies and souvenirs. After he left, then there we go, our journey by ourselves. Rasa sebak pun ade tau! Nak tinggal kan suami tercinta sendiri for 2 months! Kesian die..

Me, being alone with the kids when we go out is not a problem. But traveling alone, I don't know! I felt like crying. Eventhough Falisha is in her pushchair, and Tini is on her leash, means I have nothing to worry about for now, I still worried.

And then, there we go. Waiting at the boarding gate. Falisha fell asleep that means, it's gonna be pretty hard to fold the stroller while carrying her at the same time. 

 at the boarding gate

As I expected, it is. And the person incharge won't even help me. And I did asked him to help me fold the stroller. He just ignored me and asked me to do it myself. (and he saw me carrying the sleeping Falisha and a big heavy tote bag on my shoulder). Heartless man! As the result, Falisha woke up and started crying and screaming once we got in our seat. We got a window seat. That's cool! But the not-so-cool thing was when Falisha was crying non stop for almost 20 minutes and everybody started staring. Ya, Allah! Bantulah hamba Mu ini! I prayed. 

Thanks Allah! She stopped and slept. But the other bad news is, the MAS MH157 supposed to fly-off at 18:35pm, but it was 2 hours delayed! And the air in the flight is HOT! Is the AC busted? Oh, no! This is a 7 hours flight and I am supposed to go through this? Falisha started sweating but she still sound asleep, on my lap. As they are giving the bassinet after the plane took off. Okay, I can deal with that.

Instead of the announcement about the delay, Tini kept saying, 'There's something wrong with the plane Ummi. I know it is.. Why aren't we flying yet?'

I explained to her what happened and that we're flying in a few minutes. I felt so tired and sleepy, and accidently felt asleep. Suddenly, I heard voices and I opened my eyes. I thought we already left. But surprisingly not yet! I took a short nap around 20 minutes and it has been 1 hour in the plane. It still delayed.

Falisha having a good time

 Tini with her Alice in The Wonderland

I am restless. Suddenly an announcement of the technical problems being solved made me smiled. Falisha woke up. And she's not crying. Alhamdulillah! At exactly 20:30pm, we took off. Huh, I finally can breath.

The stewardess installed the bassinet for Falisha and I put her in the bassinet where she continued sleeping. They start serving the meal, and the best part was, the AC started to cool the air. And it was so refreshing! 

After the meal, the kids watch Alice in Wonderland and finally Falisha slept after a good meal of pasta. And so am I. I am so tired of all the hectic and surprisingly slept until the time they served the snack. Means we're about to land. And I am thankful that Falisha slept through entire flight.

We landed about 7:15am, Malaysian hour. 15 minutes earlier than they expected. Alhamdulillah, that's all I can say when we landed and entering the arrival hall. I called my mom to inform her of our arrival.

To make it more challenging. Fatini asked me if she could go potty (pee/poo in the toilet). 'Okay, let's go!' The simple task turned out to be disaster when Fatini, screaming in the toilet asking for my help, because she can't turn off the tap. But the problem is, she locked the door! I told millions of time not to lock the door because it's dangerous. If anything happened, I can't help her if the door is locked. After a while she opened the door, the tap still bursting and she put her legging on the floor, all wet and panicked. I helped her, turned off the tap, and membebel about her doings. Luckily I always got a spare clothes for both of them. I gave her another legging (different colour) and we left the toilet.

My mom called me and asked how long until I'll be out. I said, 'Baru nak cop passpot, ibu. Ade hal kat toilet dengan Tini.' 

We got through the passport control, faster than I expect. Next, the luggage. I found the belt section. Now to wait the bag. In my previous experience, it's going to take forever. I left Falisha in her push chair with Tini's leashed to it. Without taking my eyes, I took a trolley and went back to them. Looking for our bags is so depressing! There's no sign of it! Huh! I did saw a guy removing and grouping the bags. I saw a familiar red bag, with a silver rimmed wheels. Is that mine? It's in the group! I went there, and it is! It is my bag! I took it, put it on the trolley, went there again, and found the 2nd bag, and finally the goodies box. A luggage handler saw me and asked me to get my trolley. He helped me with my luggage arrangement on the trolley. 'Terima kasih pakcik!' So nice of him.

Now imagine..

Me carrying Falisha on my right, on my left, pulling Tini with her leash, and trying to push the heavy trolley to the arrival hall. Ahhh..! But the best sight that made me smiled and relieved was the sight of my sister Farhana and my ibu, waiving and smiling.

I think this is the most tiring and fun travel adventure I ever had! What do you think of my adventure?


  1. tetiba rasa macam....penatnya la hai...semput dado den ni ha..tahniah kerana anda berjaya mengharunginya..

  2. akak bangga dengan semangat Fairus bersama anak-anak pulang bercuti ke Malaysia tanpa ditemani.

    bak kata pepatah, tangan yang menghayun buaian mampu menggoncang dunia...

  3. aku rase penat same lak.. takpe, janji dh sampai Malaysia...

  4. nak nangis i baca entry ni, fairus. seriously esp part xde sape tolong u tu. bcoz when i came bck from msia to dubai, i had the same xperience.

    whats happening to the world!!

    i citer kat khairul about ur entry ni, and i told him, kalo baca maybe org mcm xcaye "takkan la xde sape tolong!" but i told him, i sendiri dah penah xperience and this DO happen. teruk kan? n he told me masa dia travel2 pun ade mom with kids yg xde sape tolong, so he & his staff yg tolong angkat beg lady tu.

    anyways, glad it has a happy ending. sweet sgt psl u finally see ur sis & mom :)

  5. salam kak fairus.
    selamat pulang bercuti!!
    oh. baca saja pon dah dpt bayangkan betapa meletihkan travel sorang2 dengan anak2.
    tahniah, you made it!

  6. betul2 mencabar!!! bila baca ni rasa macam baca buku cerita adventure pulak.

    alhamdulillah, semua ok2 je. budak2 kan. memang slalu tak dapat nak dijangka.

  7. ibu emy efy eqy: thanks kak! :) mmg kuatkan semangat 'brutal'. saya mmg dah biasa jalan2 sendiri ngan anak2 kat masa kat dubai pun, and hubby kena keje, die menyusul bulan 8 nnti. Cume bile tak ade org nak tolong waktu kite memerlukan tu mmg sedih!

    puan seri: tulah, banun. lotih, hongeh, sumo ado. tapi mmg syukur selamat sampai.

    syigim: tulah, i mmg kuatkan semangat bile nobody willing to help me. yang paling sedih bile i dah mintak tolong kat technician yang kutip stroller tu, die bole suruh jugak i buat sendiri, pdahal die berdiri je takde buat ape. thanks! :) masa rasa macam nak nangis pun ade, sebab i dah tak cukup nafas, dgn falisha nak jatuh dari dukung dah, trolley terhuyung-hayang.. bile nampak my mom and sis, nak nangis pun ade..

    husna: time kasih! akak mmg berdoa banyak2 biar Allah mudahkan urusan akak. yang paling syukur selamat sampai.

    puterikurekure: hahahah... ye ke? bole la i bukukan ye tak? :) mmg alhamdulillah syukur sangat!

  8. alhamdulillah selamat sampai malaysia..kagum aku ngan ko...

    n apai, ade award untuk ko..amek kat blog aku ek...

  9. Touching n3…Salute to YOU traveling with the kids without the husband is not an easy. I have experienced before...huh...that the word that I can say...after that experience I won't travel without my husband go behind us
    furthermore have to take care the kids and the same time to carrier the bags…pity of you

    Alhamdulilah you have got together with your family….I’m glad for you.

  10. salam paijj..wow cantiknye blog paijj..:)

  11. Ya Allah..mmg teruk betul diaorg ni..tak da hati perut...tapi mmg pon dulu fida travel balik dari KOR-KUL dgn kids + my mom ikut pon mcm tu jugak lepas pantang..diaorg pon bukan nak tolong...lucky my mom tolong pegang baby...kat luggage sib baik ada sorang india tu tolong angkat brg yg berat2 tu tapi still kena tolak heavy luggage...mmg pengalaman kan...Alhamdulillah dah selamat sampai dah.

  12. mamadhia: thanks, thanks and thanks alot! aku pun tak sangka aku berjaya.. alhamdulillah.
    *p.s. tapi aku letih sgt, tak hilang lg letih until today.

    lina: thanks for your concern. I am used to being alone with the kids. I go out alone, shopping alone, sometimes at home alone, when my husband works. but this is the most unimaginable trip. But alhamdulillah, we made it.

    catlinafly: cat, welcome back! thanks! ini pun jenuh nak buat... *wink*

    fida: horror! mmg org selfish sangat. yang tak offer bantuan tu mmg lah, ni yang dah mintak tolong tu bole ignore je.. tapi in the end syukur sampai selamat.

  13. tak volunteer tolong is bad enough tapi bila kita dah mintak tolong pun tak nak tolong mmg teruk betul! ish tak terkata lah..

    Alhamdulillah semua dah selamat smp..btw tu org airport or org under MAS?

  14. salam..alhamdulliah dah selamat sampai..kecian nya..apasal mereka ni tak ada budi bahasa..teruk tul...

    ooo lamanya balik bercuti..sempat puasa dan raya ek..

  15. ohohohohoh.. teringat i travel ngan my damia ms dia 4 months-berdua je tanpa hubby.... melalak bagai nak rak dlm flight... sbb tak sempat nk cuci poo poo dia... huhuhuuh... mmg panik+panass time tu sbb semua org dok pandang2... itu br 1 hour journey... dr KL ke KB... u sangat hebat.... 7 jam tuuu

  16. Thumbs up for you Paij. Sangat tabah, kuat dan berani..=)

  17. HOHO...

    sgt dahsyat =.="

    Tapi demi pulang ke msia..hehehe..sanggup je..kihkihkih...

  18. alhamdulillah selamat sampai. kalau kite la..tak tau la cmne nak handle situasi mcm tu..

    p/s: ada tag utk fairus..senang2 buat la ye :)

  19. perjalanan yg mncabar tol la kak..ape pun, dh selamat smpai n menikmati suasana kt kmpg sgt teruja kan...enjoyed puas2 kak...

  20. tahniah supermum!!kadang2 bile nak balik kg jumpa mak ayah nie, tiba2 kite boleh jadi kuat kan?=)


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