Cold Cendol on Rainy Day

June 19, 2010

This is kind of pending entry that supposed goes on air like 4 days ago? Huh! Curse the technician that didn't come on time to fix it. But who cares!? I'm writing it anyway.. *rolling eyes*

It was cold and and cloudy. We just arrived from the airport that morning, and the kids slept through the afternoon. That's good... actually. My mom arrived from college at exactly 5.10pm (10 minutes after office hour ends, and that's kind of early than her usual timing). 'Okay, dah siap ke?' she asked. We smiled and my kids raced to the car.

 Falisha and my sis Siti Farhana @ Mak Lang

It's the usual kedai cendol not as good as Leman Dawi's Cendol in Seremban or Cendol Mamak back in Banting, our kampung. But the good ol' homemade cendol and the signature of the simple shop. And maybe a good place to lepak-lepak and have a good time.

Tini the 'Cetung'

There's a few type of cendol available. Cendol with pulut (glutinous rice), corn, red bean or everything in together. They have ABC (air batu campur) too! 

My yummy cendol!

Ibu's ABC

Oooo...! I can't make up my mind! Everything sound so yummy! But I settled with the red bean cendol. Tini with the corn and my mom settled with ABC. We exchanged flavors and it was the sweetest moment that I could never imagine before. Everybody is happy. 


I waited exactly one year to be here. To be a part of this moment. How happy I was at that time. And suddenly the chilling wind was accompanied by a raindrops, that transformed into a crash of heavy rain. Another thing that I missed so much! Rain!!! Rain!! I won't sing rain, rain go away at this moment. even my kids are enjoying the rain. And Tini asked if she could go and play in the rain. I smiled and said no to her, explaining it's bad for her to play in the rain and she said, 'okay.'

Falisha also enjoys the cendol

It started to rain

The rain ends our day at the kedai cendol. It was a great day. Simple, but a great day to start the next days for the whole 2 months I'm staying.

Kopiah Atok on her head.


  1. wah bestnya cendol malaya sure sedap giler kan cute tini & falisha

  2. comel fadzil's comment :)

    plg suka gamba falisha pakai kopiah atok tu. comel sgt! hihi....

    tu je. malas nk komen psl cendol tu. huh! (majuk jap hahahhahahaha - padehal nxt mth je kitorang plak balik msia!)

  3. en.fadzil: kesian awak...

    fida: hahah.. bole la.. kena tgk tempat.

    Syigim: perasan pakcik tu syigim. si falisha mmg pantang, habis kopiah atok die main. cepat balik, cepat balik!

  4. waaahhh lepas gian ker? hehee...sonok tak balik kampung?

  5. Salam fairus,

    I have something for u dear...that is why i'm waiting ur email...never mind u can contact me at this number 0126675822...and end of this week i'm not in KL till 29.June 2010. Never mind i'll try my best so that, we could meet out some where in Jelebu...if u don't mind.

    Anyway account number that your are given which bank? If you don't mind give me ur contact number...

    From ur blog i read ur love to eat cendol...i have one place at senawang area..really..really nice cendol,ais kacang..there....tip top....The owner of the cendol is PAK to cendol leman..tht my taste bud la..

  6. salam fairus, love ur cendol post and what a lovely picture u captured


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