Pasar Tani Encounter

June 21, 2010

Confession by the 1st walker.

It's Sunday morning and I think I just heard 'azan'. I know Ummi woke up early for prayer. I cried to get her attention. And she came running to me with her telekong. It's my morning routine, feed before anything else. *evil grin* I heard Ummi talked to Mak Lang (her sister) about going to Pasar Tani. What is Pasar Tani? I wonder. I must go and see this Pasar Tani.

Ummi pick me up as I woke up. She washed my face and brush my teeth, change my diapers and she said, 'Adik mandi lepas balik dari pasar lah ye? Nanti peluh-peluh balik.' I am so happy, Ummi is taking me to the Pasar Tani. 

Mak Lang is ready, waiting in the car. She is our driver, she droves us around as Ummi can't get used on the right lane driving YET. I saw a bright red basket that always sits under Nenek's cabinet. Ummi  took the basket and carry it with her. Oooouuhhh... I loved to get my hands on it. I wonder how it looks like if I carry it?

so, how do I look?

It took about less than 15 minutes to reach the small town that we've been passing through this couple of days. Yeah I think it's Kuala Klawang. When we arrived, Ummi put me in her ZOLO WEAR ring sling. I love to be carried around in it (if I'm tired), but this place seems interesting. I loved to walk by myself. But there were so many unfamiliar faces around. This don't look like Dubai. I better stick with Ummi  first.

ooh, this is how the Pasar Tani look like.. 

look at that makcik 

So, this the Pasar Tani.. A place with lot of people selling fresh poultry, fishes, vegetable and food! Mak Lang and Ummi walk until they reach the poultry and fishery area. It's all wet and smells, fishy! I remember this smell. Everytime we go to Shindaga Market in Dubai, it always smells sort of like this. But this place smells better. Way.. better! Ummi seems didn't mind of it.. I wonder how she stands it?

sotong kembang, Ummi loved this.
It makes good sambal!

I heard Ummi talked about sotong kembang, and making sambal nasi lemak. Ouuhh... I loved nasi lemak!  She talks about she missed some of the veges and food that can't be found in Dubai. And how expensive they are if it's available. Ummi took out her camera. Big heavy camera with a long tube thingy in front of it. Everybody staring at her. They must be wondering why Ummi took pictures of people and things in the market. I loved when Ummi  point the camera at me, everytime!

the fresh, good looking fish

Ummi said, 'susah nak dapat taugeh ni kat sana..'

Mak Lang said, 'Nasik lemak pakcik ni sedap.'

We finished with the fishes and vegetable. And we walk to another area that sells food. All sorts of fried food, noodles, and rice. Yum! I saw colourful water in a big container. It's.. pretty! Suddenly while Mak Lang was buying the nasi lemak (my favourite for breakfast), I saw the prettiest thing in the world. I scream so that Ummi will look at it. I want to go there. I want to look at it.. it's pretty..

the pretty, pretty colourful balloon

I struggled to free myself from the sling. But I didn't make it. I cried, and it works! Ummi let me down and as fast as I could I ran towards the thing.. I don't know what it is. But it's pretty... 'Falisha!'  I heard Ummi calling. She looked so worried. I didn't think of anything but to get there. Ummi  is worried that I might get lost or worst snatch by anyone there.

'You want the balloon?' Ummi asked. I said, 'Pretty...' (of course she don't understand me). Ummi  picked me up and wanted to leave. But I cried. I want to stay there and looked at the balloon. It's, pretty.. *smiling happily*

I finally got it! 

what is this yellow thing? can i eat it?

So, to get me out of there, Ummi had to give in. She bought me the balloon. And not to forget, one for Kakak (well kakak is not here, she went to Kelantan to get Mak Ngah with Nenek and Atok).

So there we are, waiting for Mak Lang  to get the car as Ummi is tired and there are lots of things. And we can't carry it all at once. 

why is that white thingy looks familiar?
I've seen it somewhere..

But the point is, it was the happiest moment that day. I found out what is Pasar Tani, I get to walk at Pasar Tani, I get to see people and I got this PRETTY blue balloon (that's what Ummi called it), and it's more than enough for me.


  1. cute :D
    bestnya tgk sotong tu..ada ke kat dubai? terliur nak mkn nasi lemak woooooo

  2. hahaha...comel falisha bam bam...

  3. Seronok Falisha bersiar2...

  4. comel entry... :)

    take more pictures, fairus!!!

    tini tido lagi ke? hihi.

  5. diaorg tahan tak bau busuk pasar kat sana hehehhe

  6. wahh mmg ikan tu nampak fresh sungguh la...goreng pun sodap..huhuhu


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