Splish, Splash I'm taking a bath!

June 26, 2010

Going to the jeram is the long-planned activity with my sisters since I was in Dubai. So Today is THE DAY. We packed up our gear, towels and not to forget a good ol' sardine sandwich for the picnic. After Zohor, we left with my dad but except my mom who is working. (kesian ibu)

just arrived at the entrance 

Jeram Toi (click here for more) is one of the fun-favorite waterfall picnic place in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. I haven't beend there since I left for Dubai. That's quite a long time. I didn't missed it until after we left Malaysia. At that moment you suddenly remembered all the good old times you spent there during the younger years.

It took 20 minutes drives, about 20km from my parents' place in Kg.Seperi. The point of not going during weekends or school holidays, but weekdays like this day is, not to bump into so many people that will cause the place to be really packed with humans. If it turned out to be like that, ooohhh... you won't get to enjoy or have a good time.

I text Mr.Fadzil about our whereabout that day (saje nak bakar kann!) and he screamed! Unlike the previous years we came home, this time it's special! *smiling*

a new look at the old place 

a walk in the woods

My bapak drove us there and when we got there, I am so surprised with the improvement they made to the place. There's a new bathroom and toilet at the entrance. a much cleaner and proper walking path to the bathing area, there's  a small cafe set up, and even fresh looking and cozy chalet available for rent. And that's the only surprised I had at the entrance. 

We have to walked about 50 meters into the jeram area where we can swim and play in the water. Fatini and Falisha are the most excited. They slept almost all the way there, and once we reached the place their eyes are opened, bright as the sunny day. 

atok tolong bukak kasut adik,  adik tak sabar dah..  

luckily we got a port

After 5 minutes of jungle walking, we are there! Oh, my! I am surprised again! The place looks different with some additional facilities and landscape improvement. Wow! They even had slides installed at that place. My babies gonna love it! 

It's all different now, there's a slide which Fatini enjoy so much!

a new pegola that looks better and works better than before  

where the water came from and filled up the big pool  

how i wish i could go and swim there  

mak lang and adik

As we expect that there might be no one in the place during weekdays like this, there a group of teenagers already there splashing and conquering the big pool, which is quite frustrating to me.  (because I didn't get to swim) *sad* But anyway, we just realized that we left the mat at home and luckily there's a small stone table and stool for us to port. 

Without further delay, Fatini and my sister Husna, took off their flip flop and happily jump into the shallow water (about my waist). Fatini saw the slide and ask if she can try it. But being a 'penakut' as she is, she ask if she can ride it with Mak Lang my 3rd baby sister, Farhana. The slide is not really big or high, but it still awesome! They had water running from the pipe connected to the natural water flow at the jeram. The upper level is a man made pool with a key to control the level of the rapid water that fill in the pool. That's the pool I want to swim in. Maybe next time I'll try it.

and there she goes!

Mak Lang and Adik are ready for the adventure!

freezing falisha  

everybody look up!

There they go, screaming and got the attention of the other groups. Yes, I forgot to mention. There's another group of 30 old Chinese people, which I assumed like a Buddhist society visiting the place (because there's 3 monks with them). They seem like a nice people. They sang a song and clapping their hands (which I don't really know) altogether in a group which cause Fatini to ask so many questions about it.

the chinese group. they are very nice.  

the typical Malay teenagers. The other group that conquered the pool.  

I got water in my mouth!

butt massage!

Eventhough we didn't get to splash in the big pool we had really good time. The icy cold water doesn't stop my babies from having fun, especially Falisha. My dad, was smiling all the time looking at his grandkids screaming and laughing with their aunts. Me? Hmm.. all around in the area, with my camera, in and out of the water. But still get wet all over as the result of splashing with them.

Awwhhh... Suddenly my thoughts were filled with Mr.Fadzil. How fun it is, if we get to spend this good time together. How opposite it is the time we're spending at this time. Him, at the office, working. And us, playing and having fun at the jeram.  It's ok, I said. We'll do this when he get back.(in August)

bye, bye.  

the jeram, I'll be back!

We left around 4.30pm. All wet, cold and happy! I think I'll come again next time with Mr.Fadzil, soon.

More pictures, here!


  1. Paij..seronoknya mandi airterjun. Kita memang dah lama teringin nak pi waterfall. Kat oz ni ada, tapi jauhla plak. Tapi takpe, nanti balik cuti nak pi jugak. Tak kiraaaaa!..Heehe..btw, happy to hear from u! Happy holiday.=)

  2. having fun yah....kitorang kat dubai ni jgk laaaa yg still kepanasan!!! hihi...

  3. fairus...kita boleh jumpa kat sini...nampak sgt menarik.

  4. bestnyer mandi air terjun..rase penah gi sini dulu..ngan geng2 kite..ye ker pai??


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