Birthdays and Graduations : Celebrated at Laksa Shacks

June 29, 2010

It was a great day. Me and my 3 sisters (short of 1 sis) went to Seremban (the nearest city) to got bapak's GPS from the repair and service. It's just a reason really, besides the fact I am meeting Lina, and the meeting was cancelled because I left the thing that I was about to give her.

But that doesn't stop us from having so much fun altogether the 4 of us. It's Alang's @ Farhana's birthday and I took the opportunity to celebrate just us, sisters. It's not only her birthday, but to celebrate her graduation (from her Degree) and her success application for Master program, which will start in a few weeks. Not to forget my 2nd sister Angah @ Hajar who also just graduate from her KPLI programme and will start as a full time school counselor (school shrink) anytime in July or August.

We missed one of our sister Khalilah. The youngest of all of us. She is now in Tangkak, in her 2nd year matriculation. We called her Adik, suits her as the youngest.

There's a new Carrefour opened in Rahang, Seremban. Surprisingly it's a gigantic place. As it's recently opened, there are not many shops is open yet. But still, the remaining shop are enough with interesting selling items.

There is this one small restaurant we noticed which seems interesting. As our tummy are grumbling with hunger, our eyes are all onto this small restaurant or shop (I'm not sure how categorized it). It is call, Laksa Shack. Yes, we chose that instead of a lousy Kopitiam and another KFC which I cannot tolerate at all! 

The Laksa Shack 

simple minimalist menu

The smell of food can be noticed as soon as we enter  the shop. It's cozy with a few tables but it's a nice place and comfortable. 

So what is this place?

They have a list of famous Laksa That cost around RM10 to RM15. They have, Laksa Tom Yum, Laksa Sarawak, Laksa Kelantan, Laksa Kari Nyonya, Laksa Penang, Laksa Johor, and Laksa Lemak Singapore.

Besides all the food, they provide variety of choices from starters, light meal, sets for two and rice. The other food I can remember from the list is, Otak-otak, Roti Jala, beriyani and nasi ayam halia. 

We ordered our choices of food and drinks and wait. and of course photo session while waiting.

 my 2nd baby sister, Angah@ Siti Hajar

Alang @ Farhana, 3rd sister

Acik @ Husna, the 4th 

my personal favourite 

say, 'aaaah...' 

peace,  no war!

The food arrives, and we start to dig in. Alang  and her Tom Yum Laksa, Angah and her Nasi Kuning, Acik and her Nyonya Laksa, and me with my Laksa Lemak Singapore.  I just found out there are many type of Laksa. I only knew a few type of it. The laksa, has a different gravy (of course), even the noodles are different for each type of Laksa. 

angah had Nasi Kuning 

Laksa kari Nyonya 

Laksa Lemak singapore


Bandung Cincau

We even ordered a yummy cold Bandung Cincau. It was delicious! Not to forget the well-missed Otak-otak.

We end the meal and went to the next place to get the cake. It's Secret Recipe! How I missed it, so much! As there are no Carrot Sliced, I got a White Chocolate Macadamia, which tasted good, too!

As if it's not enough, we then celebrate again with our parents and The Cake at home!

*To my sisters, I am so proud of you guys! No matter what people said about us being all girls, we did it! And we proved to them, having all girls is not as bad as they thought it would be, it even better!

mi hermanas


  1. seronok apabila dapat berkumpul adik beradik kan...
    Mas cukup berkenan ngan gambar2 fairus ambil. Cantik...

  2. dah besar ye adik2 ko...cpt masa berlalu lama dah x jumpe diorg

  3. sedap pai, laksa shack ni.. lame dh x pegi mkn.. aku slalu mkn kat jusco cheras selatan.. fave mase pregy dulu2..

  4. fairus u should try laksa Johore...sgt sedap...

  5. seronoknya!!! day out bersama adik-beradik :D

    pictures are nicely captured..mcm biasalah hihi

    best apa ramai girls, masa kecik2 mcm2 je aktiviti pastu kalo gaduh tarik2 rambut lg..bila dah besar ni, Alhamdulillah my 5 sisters & i are close, we get along very well..Including our 1 & only brother hehe

  6. bile nak day out with ur friends plak paii


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