Me and My Grandparents : About Bubbly Falisha

July 7, 2010

Going home to Malaysia, is a one experience I truly looking forward this year. So are my parents and my kids. But not Mr.Fadzil (as he is the only one being left behind). Why?

Because Falisha is one year old and I can't wait for her to meet my parents and sisters!
Exactly one year ago when we went home, she was only 3 months and can barely do anything. Now that she turned one, there's a lot of progress we want them to see besides those we shared with my parents and my sisters only through FACEBOOK and BLOG.

Falisha and atok at JeramToi.

But I can't help to wonder, what if she doesn't want to go to any of them? What if she kept clinging to me instead of playing with her grandparents and aunts? After the horrific experience on the plane (read here), and we finally met at the arrival hall in KLIA, the question was answered. 

What do you guys think? 

 on the ferry in Langkawi

rainy day with atok

Yes, surprisingly she wants to go with my mom! I was hoping so, because the last time they met was like 7 months ago, when my parents came to visit me in Dubai. Thanks Allah! She still remember them! *smile*

It doesn't take a long time for her to adapt to her Mak Lang too. Being friendly with all the people she recognized as friends and family was totally a contrast to her attitude when she was a baby. Clingy and only goes with me or Mr.Fadzil.

recently in Malacca for a wedding. 

Last year when we went home, she spent a lot of time with my dad. May dad loved to carry her around the house whenever she cries. I guess she still remembered that, because she grew very attached to my dad until now. 

To be frank, my kids spends a lot of time with my family instead of Mr.Fadzil's. Well what do you expect? I am attached to my parents and sisters! And of course, I am staying with them, while I am here. But alhamdulillah, when I went to visit my in-laws couple of weeks ago, she immediately recognized them as family and there she went, bonding and playing with them.

The most things that I noticed, she spend a lot of time with my dad. She will scream her excitement whenever she saw him, (it happened too, to my mom. But mostly my dad) like, 'Aaarrgghhhhhh.....!!!'  I guess you guys can imagine how.

Jalan dengan nenek plak..

One funny thing about Falisha is, she can walk but can barely talk. Instead of calling her grandparents atok and nenek, she called them 'mama' and 'appa'. (it stands for grandma and grandpa). I think she first heard it from her sister. Whatever la Falisha..

with my brother in law, he's on a break when we visited

It breaks my heart whenever I think about leaving with my kids after the vacation is over. But who knows, maybe this year the last year we will be leaving them for Dubai, and my parents get to visit us every week like they used too?


  1. salam ..paijj, wah dah kat kampung ye! :)

  2. comel falisha pakai gaun biru..
    bile nak jmp pai???

  3. wah seronok kan balik kampung...hehe

  4. pic falisha dengan atok nya sweet...

  5. safiyyah pun tak bercakap lg. masih guna bahasa jerman dia lg la :p

  6. alolo comelnye... cam anak dara kite ah gak kamceng ngan Kok Oyah *TokAyah* dia

  7. Paij, betulla..anis rasa kids love their atok more than others kot..hehe. Macam danial, kalau nampak atok excited sangat then melekat macam bercinta lak..Hehe..Anyway, thats great coz give us time to feel free..=) I miss Malaysia so much, Paij. Huhuhu

  8. catlina: ha ah, dah 3 weeks dah..

    mamadhia:thanks auntie. hmm.. bile ek? korang camne?

    kancilbiru: memang seronok, setahun sekali balik..

    maslinamansor: thanks, mmg melambak gamba die dgn atok.

    nadiah: kaaannnn?? but still cute, no matter what.

    mummy dasy: best kan nengok bile diorg rapat kan?

    anis: it depends jugak anis, maybe their atok pun mmg suke budak2 and betul2 sayang diorg. budak kan tau, klu org ikhlas ke tak.. that's what i notice la.. and we're lucky our kids takde masalah adapt dgn their grandparents.

  9. suka semua gambaq.
    semua sweet.


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