Bapak and Durian

July 8, 2010

Among of all things that came up on my mind when we're preparing for our journey to Malaysia, was my Bapak's orchard or dusun bapak. Hmm.. it made my mouth watered everytime I thought about it. Besides rambutan, mangosteen, and dokong, I thought mostly about the freshly picked durian from the orchard. I am lucky this time, we came exactly during the musim durian. While most orchard already had the season earlier than it should, bapak's orchard just started. 

On the day of the first durian fell, bapak had the feeling and he left early morning with his senapang (nak tembak tupai yang menyerang durian). When he came home, I can smell the fresh durian all the way from the living hall. Me? I am a freak! I loved durian as much as I loved Mr.Fadzil, hahahah! The best thing is, I know the durian is good, because a few years ago when bapak first started planting the durian, he saved the seed from the good and tasty durian that we ate, and plant it in the black bags before it's big enough to be transfered into the orchard.

So, as soon as my nose detected the smell that fragrant the whole house, I rushed to the backyard and surprisingly screaming (happily) because we get to eat the first durian of the season! Me, standing next to my bapak waiting anxiously (and excited) for bapak to cut open the durian. And of course, camera and shoot!

Bapak cium-cium durian

Once it's cut opened, there it goes! The yellow, creamy and fragrant fruit inside is revealed! My kids? They don't even like durian. (rugi betul). Maybe, growing up in another country they were not exposed to durian as it should be. This time, Tini had a bite and declared that she likes durian! Wow, that is improvement! But Falisha, after a bite. She made a sour face and ran away.

there, tangan bapak membukak durian


lagi durian 

see how big and chunky?

Ibu came out as he heard our happy voices and of course the smell. Bapak cut open another durian and we had more than we should. Aduh, panas la pasni! Bapak smiled and said, to avoid the heat, he told us, 
"Minum air dari kulit durian tu.. tuang air lepas tu minum."
Aahh.. What an afternoon. Had a yummy, creamy durian, a full tummy (luckily drank from the kulit durian), and no heat after eating eat. I can't wait for more durian to gugur and more fruits to ripe from dusun bapak.


  1. during my 1st trimester pregnant with Haffiy, i still kat KL lagi..i tak larat mkn most food except for fruits..
    then 1 day siap ngidam durian n time tu bkn musim ok..gila ni, siap cari sana sini sendiri/family members sebab masa tu Bob dah ada kat Dubai..
    At last jumpa jgk. Mahal sbb bukan musim tp nasib baik sedap! I mkn sebijik sorang2 tau hehe

  2. okla tu lin, rezeki haffiy tu. it's worth it when u spend the money on something and u get what u expect.

    p.s. i mengidam strawberry, tak dapat pun masa preggy tini. fadzil tak mau pegi jusco to get the strawberry.. :( sbb tu tini skrg makan strawberry macam makan nasik.

  3. wow..durian! Memang teringin tahap tertinggi kat sini ni..nak2..yang isi kuning2 tu..uhuhuh

  4. ya Allah fairus..i have no word when i look at the durian!

  5. i havent had durian yet!!!! :P

  6. ya Allah syoknya ada kebun durian sendiri! blh mkn puas2. kg hubby ada gak pokok durian. tak byk pokoknya tapi ok la kan. pernah mkn sekali je, tu pun 2-3 ulas je. tak berani mkn byk2 ms tu sbb tgh pregnant, mak tak bg mkn byk. huhu..

    baru ni beli durian kat safiyyah, dia pun tak suka. tiap kali nak sua ke mulut dia, dia lari2. haha. pdhal safiyyah tu lahir kat malaysia :p

  7. syoknya kuning minum air kulit durian ek..thanks sharing petua

  8. wahh cni pun berdebuk2 doyan gugur. dptlah merasa.. tp nmpk baby cam xsuka bau doyan yg tertinggal bau kat tgn. hehehe

  9. syoknya ada dusun sendirik.
    saya pon sangat suka durian. dan dokong.

  10. gulpp..meleleh airliur tgk durian skit..huhu


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