Trying My Hands on Wedding

July 13, 2010

*warning to you guys who are about to read this. I am not a pro (yet) in photography, frankly I am a bit shy to 'exhibit' my handiwork as a beginner. Especially to our pro friend Catlina. So, please, feel free to comment, I'll except anything just improve myself. Hihihi.. but enjoy.

It's been 4 years since we left Malaysia to stay in Dubai. And in that 4 years, we missed so many weddings of our family. I Loved weddings! And I loved photography!

Being able to attend the wedding of my cousin this year, has been a great joy to me. Why? I get to see my relatives, and I get to shoot and test my skill on everything I learned the past few months, on portrait photography.

This wedding took place at Dewan Precint 8, in Putrajaya. It's the reception on the groom side (my cousin). We used to stay in Putrajaya before we moved and left Malaysia to stay in Dubai. It's an advantage to my dad, (the one who is driving) as he is not used to the the many roads and precint in Putrajaya that's confusing, a lot!

bapak upon arriving 

ibu, met some of her uncles and cousins from banting

We arrived at exactly 11.45am and already people walked out of the hall. 'Eh, lambat ke kite?' my mom start to worry. I said, 'Bersanding pun 1.30 tghhr, ibu. Macam mana pulak lambat? Orang datang awal ni..' Well of course she's worried. Kenduri kawin anak abang ibu. We met a few of our relatives from Banting. They arrived early and started leaving as they have more kenduri to attend.

When we arrived, me and my kids were the center of attention. Why? Well, the last time we met was last year during Falisha's cuku jambul, and now we're here again, once a year. After all the tanya kabar, salam-salam dan ape yang patut, we took a seat and start borak-borak. While my mom and my dad start queuing to get the food, I went to the small room opposite the entrance, to get a sneak peek at the 'flower girls' and the 'flower boys' getting ready. 

And of course, once I stepped in, my aunts and cousin were screaming. Overjoyed after one long year we haven't met. And it's time to 'shoot'! 

Aina, my little cousin  

Kak ayu @ akak, my older cousin  

a row of cousins 

I am not a pro (yet) but put all my effort and basic knowledge of shooting using SLR in different situation and different places. The different ambiance gave me a challenge on my skill and knowledge, in portrait and wedding photography. It tested my art of seeing skill. Which I loved it, MUCHOS!

shoot my baby!  

happy girls!

little models 

Another challenge was, my kids. I have to ask my sister, Hajar to look after my babies, and not to forget, Falisha's 'appa' too. During the event, I missed a few important shots of my parents, 'menepung tawar', just because Falisha already cranky and asked for feeding.

can't take my eyes off of you..  

framing Farhan  

Hareez, more of my little cousins  


Farah @ Yaya, the mix beauty of Pakistani and Malay  

I wonder what's over there..?  

The blurred handsome boy  

The newly weds, Fazli and Syafa with their niece, Maisarah

Capturing Maisarah 

I don't know what you guys think, but through my eyes, I am proud of what I achieved that day. When I am able to test my art of seeing skill, and able to shoot a few sides and about that are up to the exact shots like I wanted to get.

Me? I don't really like to shoot a plain all standing in a row kind of picture. I love it when people are not looking at me, and didn't even notice I'm photographing them, to me that's what tells the story or how story created in just one single shot.

a forced smile  


Family photo as a memory. (this is just a half of it..)

This is how I see it, I am still in learning process. Which I enjoyed so much, and hope that I'll improve myself in the future.


  1. dah canti,paij..saya suka tgk gamba kat cni:

  2. salam fairus

    best cantik terang gmbr..

    p/s singgah blog collect award..tq

  3. hamizah: thankss, really appreciate it. dah tgk blog die, superb! thanks again.

    fida: thanks! ok, thanks again.

    mummy dasy: thanks.. masih budak2 baru nak belajar.

  4. cantik :D
    takpe praktis selalu surely makin menjadi..

  5. Good job Paij. Nice shot! =)

  6. ngeeee~~~


    sgt stuju..klu amik gmbr time org xpndg photographer,tu br pics tell the story :P

  7. saya pun suka ambil gambar candid. err..tapi tak brp suka org ambil gmbr candid saya. haha..blh gitu?

  8. keep it up paijj! :)...semua benda ada permulaannya :)..start amik gmbr sedara mara & kawan2 dulu..then barulah leh buat job! :)

  9. You are very talented in photography...In fact I like a few picture that you snap them when you in dubai…masyaallah cantik sungguh. You will one day Insya Allah.

  10. adzsha: thanks, really appreciate all the supports. :)

    anis radzi: thanks anis, saya budak baru belajar.

    eka yucika: agree, totally! :)

    nadiah sidek: same here, nadiah. tak reti betul nak pose.

    catlina: thanks, bile dapat pujian dari org yang lebih berpengalaman, ni membakar semangat ni.. tunjuk ajar ku sifu! :)

    lina: if you said so alhamdulillah, it's a hobby which i hope can bloom in time. thanks. :)

  11. cantik juga gambarnya.... :)


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