Mango Salad Dressing

August 17, 2010

How many of you knew that salad dressing doesn't have to be the 'Italian Dressing' or 'Thousand Island'? To all the mat salleh  out there, they may knew about this. I've been doing this for a while since we moved to Dubai, turning other stuff into dressing, as I get bored easily with the regular dressing that's available ready-made in the store. So I tried to be creative and search for some recipes and adjust it to my taste for my salad dressing. Here is one of the recipes that I usually did for my dressings. It is simple and anybody can make it.


*2 cups of ripe (or almost ripe) mango
*2 tbsp of honey
*1/3 cup of rice vinegar (or a honey apple cider would do)
*2 tbsp of olive oil or any salad oil
*1/2 cup of fresh basils (you can loose the it if you don't have it or don't like it)

1/3 cup of grilled and sliced chicken breast (I used turkey breast)
2 cups of mixed or green salads


1. blended or processed the * items in the food processor or blender (without water) until it smooth.
2. wash the salad, arrange it on the plate or in the bowl.
3. Spoon the dressing on top of the salad as much as you need it (but not too much).
4. Arrange the chicken on top of everything.
5. Now it's ready to be serve.

It's easy isn't it? The ingredients are the usual, natural things you can get easily. Try it!


  1. wahhhhhhh lapar sih...huhuhu

  2. salam ziarah..kenal blog ini dr blog yg menarik..tahniah!!!..jemput ke blog sy...

  3. kancilbiru: mmg sedap dan asyik nak makan berulang klu dah start..

    sahromnasrudin: thank u, u r so sweet!! will do, thanks again!

  4. manggo memang sedap la..adoihh.. kena bershopping salad ni. TQ for sharing.

  5. wah..this is nice..
    shud try!thx fairus ;)

  6. U're right. We can create our own dressing to suit our taste.


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